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The Trophy Shelf

Here’s a look at what we achieved – we’re quite proud of ourselves:

Google Partner

In 2015 ANCHOVY. reached Google Partner status, with a number of employees becoming Google Certified. These digital certifications from Google enables us to create successful campaigns for our clients and partners. Learn More

MailChimp Experts

In 2015 ANCHOVY. became MailChimp partners by receiving the MailChimp Expertise badge. This digital certification from MailChimp allows us to create better email marketing campaigns for our clients and partners.


In 2016 ANCHOVY. strategically partnered up with SMSwarriors to provide its customers the best SMS technology.

Malta Innovation Awards

In 2012 ANCHOVY. was part of a short animated film that received the Innovation Award from the Government of Malta. This award positions ANCHOVY. as innovators in the industry.

ebusiness Award

In 2014 ANCHOVY. won the E-Business Award for Best Use of Social Media. This award was also won with our local partners MPS Advertising.

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