Eye Test for Our Employees

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Working long hours behind a screen can cause serious stress and fatigue on the eyes, which is we at ANCHOVY. believe that our employees should be entitled to an eye examination at their workplace.

For this reason we got in touch with optometrist Jerome Gabarretta from Optika Opticians who came over to our office last Thursday to perform a full eye examination on our employees.

Onsite Setup and Procedure

The session started at 9 a.m and ended at 11.30 a.m during which time 18 employees were examined.

At 9 a.m.Jerome started setting up his equipment at our premises.  

Each employee was allotted a 10 minute slot.

During this time slot, Jerome performed several tests for both outside and inside the eyes.

Some of the tests he performed included testing eye movements and co-ordination to check whether undue stress is being placed on the eye muscles from using visual display units, and testing for glaucoma.

He also issued prescriptions for spectacles for some of our employees and gave us a 15% off voucher on frames and/or sunglasses being purchased. 


It was certainly beneficial to have Jerome over at our office. We believe that every company should take the initiative to provide a healthier workplace for its employees, which is why it is part of our mission as a company. 

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We leave you with more photos below. Until next time!