How can ConvRes™ help me?

ConvRes™ uses a combination of UX Research, A/B Testing, Quality traffic and Conversion Rate Optimisation to bring in big results.

Is ConvRes™ a platform?

It is a methodology which utilizes a propriety algorithm to reach your online goals.

Can I buy ConvRes™ ?

No, it cannot be bought 🙂 we allow our clients the right to acquire a license to ConvRes™ for the duration of the project.

Will I receive monthly reports?

Yes you will receive Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Reports.

What channels does ConvRes™ use ?

It all depends on the engine’s mood, she might wake up in a social mood or email mood. The engine uses all platforms and optimises towards the channel which yield the most economical conversions.

How can we get started?

Fill out the form here: and one of our ConvRes™ Wizards will be in touch.

Could you tell us more about the lead generation engine? Is it an end to end invitation solution? And will this be managed by you completely? 

Yes, the engine provides an end to end solution, which is completely managed by ANCHOVY.

What are the components of creative? 

The engine will generate different artworks and campaigns across the highest performing channels.

Start Driving Growth

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