Alpha Sports Betting approached ANCHOVY. to design a website that portrays their modern, fresh and innovative approach to sports betting. This was our first foray into the world of online betting, so we knew we had to go big!


The main issues to address were creating a site that puts the user first, whilst enabling the content curators to be fast-paced and quantity oriented. This website was to see a vast amount of new visitors hour by hour, and our goal was to keep them returning for more.

A word from Alpha sports betting

”Here at Alpha Sports Betting, we have one goal: putting the punters first.
Our pledge is to provide bettors around the globe with honest betting tactics and online bookmaker reviews. Our refreshed approach to sports betting is straightforward and transparent.

We tell you what’s wrong and what’s right; and we spare no details in the process. Our aim is to simplify betting jargon into bite size information for our customers. We have reached out to betting experts alike to help us give you the advice that you need.”



As always, we begin with research. From sports clubs to competitor companies, fan clubs to sports clothing, we wanted to gather an all-rounded idea of what the user is expecting from their visit before they even arrive at the website.

We wanted the site photography to put the user back in the seat of the sports fan’s perspective. Imagery shows scoreboards, waving flags and fans huddled together cheering on their hometown heroes.

By showing the true emotion of sports fans, we hope to resonate with a user who is usually overloaded with the flashy graphics of competitor sites.

Mind mapping & creative exploration


Our UX team hit the whiteboard and created a userflow for any direction a site visitor may go. By exploring all possible user movements, we were able to gain the foresight that enabled us to guide and simplify the user’s visit.


One of our favourite parts of the process is perfecting the combination of fonts, colour and elements to create a unique, yet holistic, consistency to the whole website.


We knew that we had to be loud, but we also knew that we didn’t want to scare away any potential visitors. Trust was also one of our key brand values to portray, so we aimed for that sweet spot between approachable and fast-paced.


Our combination of Oswald and Work Sans gives us the perfect flexibility of a loud and dynamic display font, balanced by a very legible and modern body text font.


We were happy to hand over a website that not only attracts users, but has them getting involved. Visitors to the site have shown to be very likely to utilise the betting tips on offer — and many return to find even more.

The content curators have found it simple and easy to create and update articles, as well as adjusting them on the fly in response to user activity.

But don’t take our word for it. Go visit the site to find out which team is taking home the trophy tomorrow night (and maybe even make a buck or two while you’re at it!)

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