ANCHOVY. Goes to Amsterdam

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Amsterdam, the city of world-renowned artists who contributed to some of the world’s most prestigious art, and the city that draws everyone with its infectious culture – has welcomed ANCHOVY. with open arms.

ANCHOVY. is a lead generation agency based in Malta and Dubai, UAE, and aims to be at the forefront of an age of Creative & Lead Generation – one that strives to reach new heights in all aspects of digital, be it data or design.

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Working for different companies and business locally and worldwide, ANCHOVY. has ventured to various territories, working with top brands in the industry including Garbo, Al Tayer, Lufthansa, Betsson, Visa & Proctor & Gamble.



The journey takes us back to four years ago, where an ambitious drive shared by two brothers, Benji and Zak, kicked it off from their bedroom, and later to a garage and then a small office, taking on project after project. In 2015 the company moved to a big office in Hamrun.

the brothers behind the top digital marketing agency in Malta

Today, the company has grown from 2 people to 42, has successfully opened up an office in Dubai, another office in Malta, and will now be opening in Amsterdam! The company already made headlines this year by becoming the second Maltese company to list a 1 Million euro bond on PROSPECTS, following approval by the Malta Stock Exchange.


Why Amsterdam?


Strong cubist facades, large glass windows and a good-feel vibe that radiates throughout the city – Amsterdam is steeped in culture and breeds creativity. A city that blends classical avant-garde with the new – and an English speaking community – make it more than irresistible to ANCHOVY.

This is especially felt when Dutch interns and employees join the ANCHOVY. family, leaving a strong impact on the team, with their humble and down-to-earth character.

ANCHOVY. digital marketing agency

“Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg” – Act normally, that is crazy enough – is a favourite Dutch expression which many are familiar with, and one which lies at the heart of the company’s beliefs.

In Benji’s words, “We’re young, cool, hard working, edgy, misfits, creatures, loud, Maltese, aggressive, respectful – We’re ANCHOVY.

All of this resonates too well with the company’s own culture, which is no formal suit and tie kind of business – yet undeniably one that lives by one word: Hustle. This is just one of the reasons that makes ANCHOVY. stand out from the crowd, but also one of the most important ones.

In a few words, Amsterdam hits close to home in more ways than one, making it perfect for ANCHOVY. to land on its familiar grounds.




Stay tuned as ANCHOVY. plans to make a noise in the streets of Amsterdam in early September this year. With preparations underway, the whole company is excited to expand its operations to greater frontiers and spread its own culture.


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