The Benefits of Email Marketing

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Email Marketing is NOT Dead!

If you’re thinking that people have stopped using emails as their main mode of communication you’ve got another thing coming. Over the past few years email marketing has actually boomed!

Think about it – if people have joined you then they want to hear from you. So give them something to look forward to. The point is to attract, then nurture and then convert (this is where you put up offers and convert to sales) your sign-ups to become actual customers. You might have attracted their attention on-site or through your website so now it’s important to keep these loyal followers hooked.

It’s not always about the sales or your product promotion – it’s about keeping that connection alive.

As long as you keep your topics engaging that is all that matters. Think about engaging content and focused attention…but how do you create a following in the first place?

At this point you’re wondering: Is it worth the time and effort to create such a following? It will be worth it…subscribers spend at least 10-16 minutes on such emails per week. Besides, emails have more of a reach when compared to Facebook newsfeed.

From Website to Email

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The first important stage is to create an interactive website. A site will make it that much easier to grow your email list from.

The way to get the most interaction is to have an opt-in form above your fold on your website welcome page – this will double the people who subscribe. Also, include 3-5 opt-in forms around your site so that if you don’t get them the first time, they might be persuaded the next few times they see the option – it makes sense as they’ve had the time to go over the site a bit.

In your work remember the rule of 7 – it makes all the difference when you show your visitors something this amount of times in a subtle way.

A few possibilities for your opt-in forms:

– above the fold/header

– navigation menu

– below all blog posts

– within the blogs

– in the sidebar

– as a popup

– in your features section

Make sure you’re using proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will ensure organic traffic is coming to your site.

How does it work?

Both Google and Pinterest are search engines that rank content based on the most to least relevant of topics. So typing in a search will generate loads of websites and tips or anything relevant to the topic you have just searched for. This means that having your blog post title should be repeated throughout the post and your blog post URL has to be a target word or phrase too. This is how your website will come up in the first few pages of the web or the first few pins on Pinterest. This is how you grow your reach and get shared through social media. When including photos it is good to keep in mind certain keywords to name them by too.

Quality core content is what it is all about when it boils down to it.

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Keywords In Brief

For Google SEO – in blog post, within your blog, blog post URL, image file name and description.

For Pinterest SEO – in your blog post title (this will be pulled from your blog post and displayed on Pinterest, so ensure you have Rich Pins enabled), pin image itself, pin’s description, board description.

Once they like what you’re about and sign-up for updates then the ball is in your court. You need to be consistent and create killer content that is fun for you and for your customer!

The Emails

Types of Email Marketing

Welcome messages – acknowledge their interest and give them a bit of information about yourself, just keep it simple. You’re giving them something to look forward to.

Announcements – jump in with an update once in awhile. Show them you haven’t forgotten about them, a simple note out to them will suffice.

Product posts for them to keep updated – show your followers what’s new or what’s been going on at your headquarters. This might also be a time to think about some promotional campaigns, and limited offers.

Surveys – see how they’re feeling about your services, your products…just a little feedback to see how you can improve your business.

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Newsletters – these are a great way to give them multiple updates or show them what’s coming next! People will use newsletters as a break from their day, give them the boost they’re looking for – keep it nice and simple, whilst giving them a bit of a story (possibly even an insight into a staff’s job or journey), tell them how your latest events went…think out of the box.

Giveaways – this is your chance to give your customers a discount, show them that you appreciate their loyalty in one way or another. Provide them with the chance to get to the newest products before anyone else – making it exclusive – or give them the chance to win a hamper of products or a weekend break at an amazing price! Pull them in and close off with a promotion.

And of course… those gorgeous Thank You notes – your followers will appreciate some gratitude once in awhile, even for no reason.


The Steps for writing any type of email:  

  1. Prewrite
  2. Outline – your main topic
  3. Draft
  4. Revise
  5. Proofread
  6. Final edits/testing stage to make sure everything is working
  7. Newsletter is ready to be sent off!

We’re going to focus on Newsletters as they are the most text-heavy content emails you will be writing – they are equivalent to your site blogs.

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How to engage subscribers to read the newsletter?

Think about your reader – will they be seeing this from their desktop or their mobile? What time are they most likely to read it? So taking all of that, what will they want to read? The design and layout are very important. Make sure to keep everything on-brand (so anything from colours you use to the fonts).

Always include:

Logo header, bold headings, and images. Then go on to include proper dividers – people like to have a structure and a break from one topic to another, give them that. You can keep it interesting by varying the size of the fonts, images and including some emojis. Keep to the company tone and mood, and allow for a certain flow in your writing.

Definitely always include a ‘call to action’ button – this increases conversion rates – so link to your social media accounts.

The Main Tips

Create catching headlines – even if you’re using facts, make them interesting. Give them what they want but also what they need – what they don’t know that they need. Offer incentive and inspiration.

Go for 90/10 – this means that you have 90% educational matter and 10% promotional. It’s not about you, it’s about the subscriber.

Keep it short and sweet and simple – write as much as is needed and embellish with great photos. Read our blog on How to take good photos for your blog – it will work just as well for your newsletter and website.

Use proper ALT text – this is helpful for those instances when your image does not appear in the email but at least you provide your reader with a link.

Make unsubscribing easy – this will allow you to maintain an active and engaged subscriber.

Make it more personal – this is essential to create more of a conversation between you and the reader. Include their name instead of the general heading at the start of the email for example, and a little thank you at the end.

“To be impactful, you need to give your viewer something to laugh, cry or think about…whether you’re selling an ultra-luxury ranch resort in Montana or cream cheese.” – Larry Lipson, Managing Director at The Resort at Paws Up

This is so true…it’s all about the story. Whatever business you’re coming from make sure you invest time in your current customers so that you will have a loyal base to entice new ones from. Your new customers will come as a reflection of how you treat your current clients as well as your staff.

It’s about your approach…how about you have a go!

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We hope that this was helpful and informative. Have a look at our other blog ‘Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies and Ideas’ for more ideas that might help you out.

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