Tips On How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

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If you’re wondering how to make money on YouTube, you’re going for the wrong thing. The likelihood is that you’re lacking the numbers to effectively monetize your channel. Before you start thinking about raking in the cash, you should concentrate on collecting Youtube subscribers.

You need to grow your Youtube channel before you can begin convincing businesses to hand over their hard-earned cash for ads. This rule doesn’t just apply to Youtube, but to any platform where revenue is generated through selling advertising space and promoting products. To sell ads in your local newspaper, you need circulation numbers; to make money on Youtube, you need Youtube subscribers.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Mark Zuckerberg’s policy for monetizing his products is to concentrate on growth until hitting the 1 billion mark – only then does he think about the money side of things. Granted, Zuckerberg can probably afford to sit on potential ad revenue, but the principle is a good one – take things slow and grow your product rather than selling out in the short term.

With the object of gaining Youtube subscribers in mind, and the question ‘how to make money on Youtube’ deferred, here are a few tips to help you grow your Youtube channel.

Using YouTube keywords

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What is Youtube? Sure it’s a video sharing platform, but it’s also the second largest search engine in the world after Google. If you think about boosting your search engine rankings on Google, your first thought will be about search terms and keywords.

The same principle applies on Youtube, and utilizing Youtube keywords is an easy and effective way to grow your channel. Obviously, Youtube and Google are closely associated beasts, so you should attempt to target your rankings on both search engines. You can use a tool like, but you could also do a bit of independent research into which Youtube keywords you’d like to rank for. Look at similar videos, find a relevant Youtube playlist, and steal the keywords used by your successful competitors.

Aside from, or going it alone, there are a few other tools you could use. Chrome extensions like Keywords Everywhere or MozBar are decent, free alternatives to paying for keyword tools.

Answer questions that everyone asks

When most people take to search engines, they’re either looking to consume something specific, or they’re looking for an answer to a burning question. Providing answers to these questions is an easy way to take advantage of existing demand.

If you haven’t used Quora yet, look it up. It’s a Q&A site with a lot of users. On Quora, you can search up the internet’s most popular questions. Use these frequently asked questions as inspiration and seek to provide answers on your Youtube channel.

There’s no shortcut to success

Before we get any further with the tips, there’s one important thing to point out – you can’t just wave a magic wand and wake up with millions of Youtube subscribers.

The best way to grow your channel is through hard work. In a word, the most effective way to attract subscribers is consistency. You should be uploading content as often as you can. Not once every few months, or even every month, or every week, but every day.

You should also aim for consistency. Don’t bother too much with all the stats attempting to figure out when the best time of day to post is. Just pick a time and post every day. Being a reliable Youtube channel is the best way to get Youtube subscribers. People subscribe to services that provide regular content – end of.

Transcribe for more words

In a tip related to the importance of keywords, you should transcribe your content. This might take a little bit of effort, but it’s worth it to increase your visibility. When ranking on Google, having keyword rich content is important. Obviously, Youtube being a video channel somewhat limits the amount of keyword rich text you can include on your channel. Transcribing your videos is a cheeky way around this issue.

Promote your channel on social media

It’s pretty straightforward. You make great content and you promote it on social media. But you don’t just promote it on Facebook, or Twitter, promote it on both, or as many platforms as you can manage.

When casting such a wide net with your social media strategy, you need to bear context in mind. Context is everything. People communicate differently on Twitter to how they communicate on Facebook, and you need to incorporate these differences. For example, if you compare Innocent Drinks’ ads on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll notice a key difference: their Twitter ad is seconds long; their ad on Facebook is 39 seconds long.

It’s good to include subtitles

Related to the former point – when you’re promoting your content on Facebook, don’t forget to include subtitles. Obviously, the need for this will depend on the nature of your videos, but most Youtube videos require sound to communicate effectively.

85% of all videos people watch on their Facebook feed are watched without sound, so by including subtitles, you can avoid your message being overlooked on Facebook.

Make sure that once they start, they can’t stop

Stressed Filmmaker

Well, you might not want to physically force your viewers to keep watching, but a little encouragement won’t hurt.

People spend an average of forty minutes watching Youtube per session, so if your videos are short, you need to find ways to make sure that most of this time is spent watching your channel. That means utilizing Youtube playlists, video subscriptions, and calls to action with your videos.

It’s easy – towards the end of the video, include a call to action. Encourage the viewer to subscribe, or to watch a certain playlist – it’s a simple way to turn a casual viewer into a subscriber.

Get involved and stay involved in the community

With media creation, it pays to be a consumer as well as a producer. Watch similar videos, get involved, and above all, comment! Comment is free, as the saying goes, and it’s certainly great publicity for your own channel.

Become a top comment on a popular video and watch the traffic flow. Like, comment on videos, and follow other creators on Youtube. If nothing else, you might pick up some great ideas from like-minded individuals.

Think about translating your content

It might just be worth translating your content. Youtube has local versions in 88 countries, and you can use Youtube in 76 different languages (that’s 95% of the whole internet). Take a look at the demographics of your audience, and consider whether or not it’s worthwhile translating your subtitles. If so, you can use a freelance site like Fiver to get an accurate, human translation on the cheap.

It’s all about the thumbnail

You might have noticed those annoying videos that use a totally unrelated, weird looking thumbnail to generate click-throughs. You needn’t use such cheap tricks, but it is true that thumbnails are everything when it comes to generating initial traffic.

Catchy titles are important, but an attention-grabbing thumbnail is just as important. Click through rate might actually help you appear at the top of searches too, as Google seems to be ranking according to this statistic.

Collaboration is key

YouTube Colaborations

It might sound counterintuitive to help out your competitors, but on Youtube, it’s all about expanding your influence. A great way to do this is by collaborating with other YouTubers.

Start by creating a list of relevant Youtube channels. Take a look at the About page of these channels and think about whether or not you’d like to collaborate with the creator. There are some great examples of collaborations generating subscribers for all parties involved.

The principle is the same as guest blogging. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. You get access to a ready-made audience base, and the other creative gets a look in at yours. It’s a win-win situation.

Think about paying for your popularity

So far, all of these suggestions have been things you can (mostly) do for free. You should make sure that you do utilize all of these organic strategies, but you may want to think about putting your money where your mouth is.

There are a few notable exceptions, but most big companies also have big marketing budgets for a reason. Facebook ads let you extend your reach, and you can also pay for your videos to appear as prologues to other videos on Youtube. Stumping up a little cash will allow you to extend your organic reach and find more eyeballs than you would otherwise have been able to.

Of course, this tip is only relevant if you have a budget, but you needn’t spend a fortune on advertising. Most ad services on social media allow you to set a low cap on your daily ad budget, and you can choose to effectively pay per impression. On YouTube, you don’t pay anything if your ad is skipped, and for a fairly modest 10 dollar a day budget, you might be able to generate 200 extra views.

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