ANCHOVY. Announces Relationship with Virtual World Economy Network-Based ICO

By October 27, 2017 No Comments

Following the recent launch of our Amsterdam office, the ANCHOVY. team is thrilled to announce a revolutionary relationship with our brand new client, up-and-coming ICO Virt-U.

What is an ICO?

An ICO is an initial coin offering – a newly emerged concept of crowdfunding projects for the cryptocurrency and blockchain-based companies. It is a way of bypassing traditional capital-raising processes; by launching a cyptocurrency token to potential investors. After the initial sale, the token can be traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges for fiat currency.

About Virt-U

Virt-U is a decentralised blockchain-based network, set up as means of connecting digital assets across platforms, whether they’re based in virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual gaming and more.

Virt-U’s goal is to develop a digital financial and economic platform, whereby users can trade various assets for a cryptocurrency called Virt-U (VRTs). The VRTs tokens are built on the technology of an already established cryptocurrency, Ethereum. They can live in Ethereum wallets and even be exchanged for fiat currency such as Euros or Dollars.

The announcement of the Virt-U & ANCHOVY. partnership comes days after Virt-U welcomed David Drake aboard their token sale advisory board.

I chose to advise Virt-U and work with them because of their exceptional leadership and the vision of their founders. Few times have I seen a dedication and focus like theirs and using virtual reality to augment real-life experiences especially in the gaming industry is a powerful resource and something that they have exceptionally leveraged for the opportunity to make money for the investors. The fiduciary responsibility is clearly outlined by the leadership and I’m trusting their future with my money,” says Drake, Chairman at LDJ Capital and blockchain expert. Drake will be joining several experts in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency, including Ian Livingstone CBE, Jez San OBE and Edward Moalem.

The details of the Virt-U Token pre-sale will be released soon; the initial investment will come with excellent bonuses offered depending on contribution levels.

The entire ANCHOVY. team is excited to help generate hype about this game-changing ICO and to spread the word digitally about them.