How To Increase Website Sales And Get Better Conversions

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Let’s begin with what a conversion is.

It’s what happens when someone visits your website, fulfils a goal of theirs and then becomes a customer of yours.

Your visitors came to you for something they were looking for and managed to reach their end goal.

They were happy with what you had to offer them, so now you got another fan!

For example, if you’re an online retail shop, making conversions is most likely one of your main priorities.

You work hard to make sure that when people visit your site it’s easy for them to navigate their way around, make a successful transaction or have the option to contact you with any questions.

This is where the conversion takes place.

Online Shop Conversion

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Another way to make a conversion is when you acquire a visitors email address.

You can convert them into customers, with interesting follow-up emails with special deals or new items pulling them closer to you.

With a pleasant visit to your website or with enticing emails, you have the ability to drive a prospective customer to your physical store, and if you do, that’s another conversion in itself.

With easy and smooth visits to your website, your conversions will be that much better.

We hope that our tips in this article about how to increase your conversion as well as how to increase website sales will be helpful to you.

How To Increase Your Conversion Rate

By now you probably have come to realize that there are several details to consider for reaching a successful conversion rate.

It’s true, it’s a process and it will take time to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Converting your audience is only half the battle.

But, there is good news, doing so doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think.

There are ways for you to increase your conversion rate and we will tell you how.  

Have Clear And Concrete Goals

This one is pretty straightforward.

We all have personal goals in life as well as career goals, right?

Well if you think about it, a company can essentially be viewed as a ‘person’ that has its own goals as well.

So, as a business owner, before mapping out how you’re going to convert your audience, the first step is to establish a clear, solid goal.

Because truthfully if you don’t know what you want to achieve, then it will be very clear to your audience as well.

Have A Clear Goal

Don’t Go Overboard

Keeping things simple is sometimes the best way to go about things.

By complicating things and including too many call-to-actions will most likely just confuse and frustrate your audience which will then work against you rather than for you.

Just communicate what you’d like to get across without going overboard.

Demand Or No Demand

If there is no demand for something, it means that there isn’t any interest in that product and so if you’re pushing for something with little to no demand then your conversion will also be low.

Think about avocados on the market today; there is such a high demand for them which is why they are quite pricey.

Avocado Demand

For a better conversion rate, make sure that there is a demand for what you want to offer.

Know Who Your Target Is

For a higher conversion rate, having the right visitors is much more important than having a large number of visitors.

Attracting the right traffic is vital in converting better because what you want is to reach the readers that are looking specifically for the type of products, services or information that you have to offer.

This traffic is best because it’s those exact people that want what you have which gives you a lead to future sales.

Know Your Target

Stay focused on your target audience and do your best to always remember them because they are the ones that will later purchase from you when you spark their interest.

To attract this type of traffic, it’s good if you start producing content that will get you ranked on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) as well as considering buying some advertising through AdWords, which we can help you do here at ANCHOVY.

This simple method will help to ensure that you are targeting the exact, specific audiences that you want and will make it ‘easier’ to convince and convert them into taking up your offerings.

Keep Your Cool When Promoting

Sometimes when we are so focused on our goal(s), it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and that’s why we suggest publishing content besides just ‘promotional’ content in order to keep a healthy, varied mix of content for your readers to enjoy.

If you publish content only relating to what you are trying to promote, then it can be a turn-off for your readers because then it may seem that you are being too ‘salesy’ and no one really wants that.

Always keep your eyes on the goal but also remain human, just like your readers.

Your Data Is Your Best Guide

In the process of increasing your conversion rate, it’s a great idea to keep track of how you’re doing with the actions and the work that you are implementing.

Data is your compass and gives you a way to identify in which direction you should progress.

Data IsYour Compass

Aside from analysing data, it’s useful to test that data constantly in order to ensure that everything on your site is beneficial for your conversion goals.

You can test pretty much anything such as font types and sizes, colours used for buttons or the type of ads that you’re using on your site to help increase your conversion rate.

How To Increase Website Sales With These Simple Concepts

It’s a great time to give yourself a round of applause because at this point all your efforts have been put to good use in converting your target audience.

You’ve managed to build a bond with them that has the potential to grow and bring you closer to a sale.

This next part will unveil the missing pieces to the puzzle of establishing a better conversion rate and increased sales on your website.

Simple Pages Are The Best Pages

No one enjoys complicated websites or landing pages that have so much going on that it’s nearly impossible for users to find what they are looking for.

To increase sales on your website, it’s important to find the right balance between creating a page that is easy on the eyes and is user-friendly.

Simple, clear and concise action steps are ideal so that your audience knows exactly what they need to do to complete the action you want them to.

Simple Landing Page

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Also, whenever you want to launch a targeted campaign, a good way to increase your conversion rate is to create different tailor-made landing pages for the separate campaigns you launch.

Focus on the item or topic you are trying to promote, nothing more and nothing less.

Videos Are A Great Tool

Adding video material in combination with your written content throughout your landing pages is a great formula for better conversions and success rates.

In today’s day-in-age it seems that incorporating videos on your sales page has become a preference for people.

From our experience here at ANCHOVY., we have found that a sales page containing only a video converts much better than just written content.  

E-mails Sign-Ups

Obtaining e-mail sign-ups is still a great way for conversion.

If done right, it will motivate your readers to visit your site more often and think of you when they need something specific.

If you offer your readers an appealing incentive for them to join your e-mail list, you can send out a series of follow-up e-mails that will interest them and convert them into buyers.

During this process try to remain patient in finding what works and what doesn’t when it comes to e-mail captures.

You’ll find the right formula in no time!

Email Signup

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Reviews Add Value

In today’s digital age, it’s quite rare for people to make a purchase of a product that is new to them without first reading reviews.

Potential buyers, like us, want to know that what they are investing in is proven to be good and if it will give them positive results.

Including reviews from your existing audience on your sales page will definitely help in getting more conversions because it adds value and trust.

Customer Testimonials

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Upselling In Some Cases

Upselling doesn’t work in all cases, however, when it comes to purchasing digital products like software, online courses or membership sites, it can work like a charm.

Remember that the focus point here is ‘when upsells are used directly’; there are good ways and bad ways to upsell a customer.

Netflix Upselling

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The best way to upsell is to promote more profitable services, product bundles or package deals; essentially convincing a customer to purchase a more expensive but worthwhile item.

Testing 1, 2, 3

Making small changes has the power to make huge differences which is why it’s good to run tests to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Here at ANCHOVY., we do a lot of testing on client’s websites with our ConvRes™  conversion system in order to determine how it is best to make everything well optimized for making conversions and sales.

Anchovy ConvRes

Install A Chat Box

With the small addition of a chatbox on the bottom left-hand side of the screen to our own pages, we experienced the true strength that this engagement tool possesses.

Installing a chatbox brought in a lot more customers and sales, which is why we highly suggest you do the same and see what it can do for you!

Chat Box

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Increasing Sales With Social Media

Due to the digital world that we live in today, we have an infinite amount of ways to increase traffic, spread content and information or anything else you can dream of.

Social Media - Instagram

Creating a digital marketing plan is effective and offers you the chance to launch campaigns on multiple platforms rather than just one.

Make A Digital Marketing Plan

7 Easy Steps For Creating A Digital Marketing Plan:

  • Determine Your Sales Goals: Before doing anything else, figure out what your goal is for sales and your digital marketing.


  • Create a realistic budget: Coming up with a realistic budget will help to determine how and where to do your marketing.


  • Set a timeframe: Different timeframes require different plans of action so keep this in mind when considering the timing.


  • Figure out if your product is an easy (or a hard) sell: Anything can be sold online, however depending on the product or service, they can require very different marketing strategies.


  • Learn who your target audience is: This again? Yes. Knowing who your target audience is, is essential for you to be successful. Your target audience will shape your entire digital marketing plan and you can never fully boost your sales online without knowing who you are selling to.


  • Become familiar with the ups and downs of paid ad campaigns: You need to be careful with paid ads because if wrongly executed, you’re paid ads can turn into an expensive liability.


  • Understand your conversion rate: Increasing your conversion rate is a key metric because it calculates how many actions or sales have been taken from how many users. Understanding this mini-formula is important because it will indicate if your marketing strategy is working or how you can improve it.

The list of what you can do to increase your sales with your online presence in addition to your website usability and appearance is limitless and ever-changing.

That’s why with the evolving world around us, it’s essential to keep up with the trends and needs of consumers.


How To Increase User’s Trust For More Conversions And Sales

In the market today, there is a large importance for UX & UI in increasing user’s trust which is a key element in better conversion rates.

It’s important to know these concepts and implement them within your marketing efforts because they could be factors for what makes or breaks your conversion.

This idea may seem silly or unreal but just think about a time when you’ve visited a website and felt like you couldn’t properly navigate your way through it leaving you with a bad experience of that brand.

You’re probably unlikely to return to that website again, if ever, right?

Sometimes it’s really important to put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer.

After all, we are consumers as well, and we should remember that we like to have good experiences much like our audiences.  

That’s why UI and UX Design are important for businesses to invest in today.

Let’s dive a little deeper into what these are and what they can do for your conversions and sales.

UX vs. UI

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User Experience Design (UX)

User Experience Design is also known as UX and is entirely about the user’s journey to solving a particular problem.

Any interaction that a user has with a product or service is UX.

It encompasses each and every element that shapes a user’s experiences such as how it makes them feel or how easy is it for them to accomplish desired tasks while using the product or digital application.

UX ensures that users can open an app or website and easily do what they went there to do.

User Interface Design (UI)

On the other hand, User Interface Design (UI) focuses on how a product or service interface looks and functions.

All of the visual elements that a user needs to make decisions, find what they need, and take action on your website is what the UI design entails.

It’s about how users get from one screen to the other like what buttons or images they click on in order to get to one page to the next.

The UI And UX Go Hand-In-Hand

Although UI and UX are two separate things, their functions do support one another.

Let’s put this combination into perspective.

UI is the place that a person visits to experience UX by looking at your brand or product.

UX designers main concern is how the product feels while the UI designers work on how the product is laid out.

UIUX Ketchup Visual

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For example, a visitor would use a responsive website (UI) and find that it was an easy, simple, pain-free experience (UX).

Websites designed with the user experience in mind will always show trust and therefore convert better, so it’s key that as a marketer, you spend time testing your interface, content and design to build trust and create a website that feels genuine and well thought out.



These are guidelines that can help you get to where you want to be whether it be for a better conversion rate or for increased website sales. 

Remember that for each step, you’ll need to think about your goals and how to achieve them uniquely for your specific audience.

It will take time and effort, however, it truly is worth it when you get the results you’ve been working so hard towards.