The Benefits of Instagram for Business

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With so many different social media platforms on the rise, many businesses are facing the problem of not knowing exactly if they should be on some of these platforms or whether some of these platforms are worth tapping into.

The question businesses mostly have is whether there is one social media platform that will bring the most benefits and whether it is worth considering secondary options that might not live up to it. This is mostly the case with Instagram and Facebook. It is safe to say that almost every business in the world has a Facebook account, yet one cannot say the same for Instagram.   

For some reason, some companies tend to overlook, or perhaps do not fully realize, the great benefits of using Instagram for business, even though every day billions of users post images and videos on this platform. 

In this blog post we are going to talk about why Instagram is a massive marketing source that many businesses (especially small and local ones) can highly benefit from, looking in particular at how using Instagram for business can generate more leads.

1. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

We are all familiar with the expression: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and this cannot be more appropriate to use than for Instagram. People engage better with visuals rather than words, and with the use of hashtags, it is easier for users to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Businesses can take advantage of Instagram as it enables them to connect with their customers in a way that is different from what other social media platforms offer. Businesses are able to stand out in their particular niche for many reasons.

Not only can businesses build trust with their audience by showing what their product or service is all about, but also by taking them behind the scenes of their operations as well as encourage customers to participate by sharing their personal results and tagging the business.

Moreover, posting pictures and videos about a company’s culture with its employees gives a particular insight into what a business is all about. This is one thing we greatly believe in at ANCHOVY. as we want to share with our followers everything from our story, to our employees, and to all the things we get up to on a daily basis.

ANCHOVY Instagram account
Anchovy Digital Marketing Agency Instagram
Anchovy Digital Marketing Agency Instagram

Carefully selecting hashtags will also make the business more accessible to particular audiences and the ‘Explore’ and ‘Search’ tabs can be used as great marketing tools to see what is trending with hashtags, as well as what followers are liking.   

2. Fresh And Free Flowing Content All The Time

Daily fresh content keeps your audiences engaged and also helps to build trust. People look for your business on instagram because they want to engage with your company and products, and want to be able to follow up closely on every single update.

Instagram allows businesses to do this in a variety of ways, namely posting images and videos to their Instagram feed as well as posting temporary Instagram “stories” and live videos.  

A restaurant that posts photos of dishes on a daily basis for example, is able to engage more effectively with consumers and on a large scale.

Take one of Malta’s leading restaurants New York Best, that have a following of over 16.5K.

New York Best Malta Instagram Account

3. No Character And Caption Limit

To add further to the point above, while there are some limits when it comes to the bio and username, unlike some social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram does not have a character limit when it comes to the image caption.

The description of every post can be as long as you want it to be. Instagram’s overall character limit is 2,220, and there is no limit on the number of posts you can upload and share on instagram, whether per day or in total.

4. You Can Have A Business Account

Following in Facebook’s footprints, last year Instagram began to allow for business accounts, complete with the back end benefit of insights for account holders.  

This enables any business to know which posts got the most likes, comments and shares, which time of day is best to post, along with the demographics of your followers and how long they spend on Instagram in a day.

Instagram gives you all the information you need to make informative decisions on when and how to schedule posts to get a high engagement and receive better results.

5. Low Competition

Despite being one of the most popular and highly used social media platform after Facebook, the number of local businesses making use of Instagram is still very limited – which is great.

Why? Because that would only mean that there is no telling what businesses can achieve whilst the competition is still considerably low, unlike in the case of Facebook, where some start-up businesses may have a more difficult time getting noticed.

6. Instagram Ads

Last but not least, not only are the organic possibilities endless, but you can also opt to make use of Instagram’s self-serve advertising platform that offer the same extensive targeting options as Facebook such as location, demographics, interests and behaviours.  

Moreover, there are currently 4 different advertising options that allow you to make your ads more interesting and eye-catching to your followers:

  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Stories Ads

The Key to Success

The key to success in anything you do in life is always the same – it is all about taking the initiative to achieve and making the best of what you have at your disposal.

We hope you will consider using Instagram for your business. Feel free to send us any queries you might have about this topic or any other 🙂

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We hope to see you again on our next blog post 🙂