Have you ever wondered, how your business can benefit from social media presence? Do you think that without the massive budget and separate employee who will take care of social media you can’t make it? If yes, we have some excellent news for you! It turns out that with only a couple minutes you can set-up entirely viable and legit Facebook page for your business and start benefiting straight away.

We’ve compiled a few interesting tips, tricks and fun facts, to help you out with learning more about everything you need to know about Facebook.

Table of Contents:

  1. The reasons why businesses should use social media
  2. Why Facebook Messenger is a must have for your business pages in 2018
  3. What does Facebook Messenger do for your business?
  4. Useful features of Facebook Messenger
  5. Messenger bots for business
  6. What exactly is conversational commerce and how to benefit from it?
  7. How do you build a chatbot?
  8. Things NOT to do while on social media: Buying fake followers
  9. Closing words

The Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Social Media

What do we mean? People will share your content, tag their friends in your posts, send your post as a private message to their friends, etc..

This brings together all that we’ve just talked about. You have to make sure you have a great social content strategy in place, and you will soon see why it’s essential for businesses to get on social media asap.


1. More Exposure From Younger Social Audience

While social media users are from all age groups and demographics, it’s safe to say that it generally tends to be the younger generation that prevails.

Exposure to this growing audience will surely benefit you both now and in the future. Thus, it is highly recommended you start making use of social media as a business.

2. People Spend Most Of Their Time Surfing The Internet

Man on tablet

For the last 50 years or so, advertising was mostly about finding where to best target your ads. With the rise of digital media and social networks, we know where they are, but we need to figure out HOW to reach them.

The fact that Facebook alone has an audience of well over a billion people makes it a force to be reckoned with, and if you’re a business, social media can help you reach new customers and increase brand awareness.

3. Social Proof

One other great benefit for businesses using social media is that social media provides a huge sales explosion tactic which is social proof. Due to the increase in competition in all industries, social proof is needed now more than ever, and social media sites provide just that.

Apparently, it’s not just the numbers that count, but having a sizable, engaging audience will do wonders for your social proof and can potentially, quite quickly, in fact, increase sales for your business.

4. People Love To Share

Sharing is a huge part of social media, and if you can create great, shareable content for your brand (which is what we do at ANCHOVY. with our social media services), your content will get shared by your audience with their friends.

It can create a mini “viral loop” where you post a piece of content that can keep spreading from one potential customer to another. This simple factor is a great way of getting your brand out there for free.

5. Visually Pleasing Content

Is your business a restaurant? A hotel? An ice cream parlour? All industries have “interesting things to show”, and social media is the perfect medium to share all that is exciting about your business.

As you can probably tell, images, and more importantly videos, are a huge part of the content that gets shared on social media. Therefore, utilising this “visual boom” for your business is a great opportunity.

6. People Want To Know Your Story

People who will follow you on social media are people who want to know your story and what your business is all about.

Naturally, they wouldn’t have followed your had they not been interested, so use this space and this audience to show the world what your business and vision is all about.

7. Easily AccessibleMillennials using phone

Social media, unlike other traditional advertising methods such as radio and TV, is right there for you to use, i.e., you can get started with it for free and use “run it” without too many expenses.

All it takes is some effort, social media tips and some expert advice on how to get the most out of it, and that’s why we’re here. The only thing stopping you from putting your business online is yourself, so get on it asap if you did not consider it previously.

8. The Audience Becomes Your Promoter

One last reason for using social media that we’d like to leave you with is that, on social media, your “marketing” generally comes from your already existing audience.

Why Facebook Messenger Is A Must Have For Your Business Pages In 2018.

Facebook button on your website is still a valuable way to build a customer base, and it let people know about your business.

The Messenger part is an especially important part of this strategy and is set to become even more so in 2018. At ANCHOVY. we work on social networks to help you to develop your business. In fact, Messenger is still going from strength to strength.

Generally, messaging apps are surpassing social networks regarding user numbers. All those people who have given up scrolling their Facebook feed are still messaging each other using Messenger.

Using it for your business page allows you to tap into this market. Facebook Messenger is also still leading the pack when it comes to messaging apps. As of 2018, it has 2 billion active users, and that number isn’t set to decline or stagnate anytime soon. By not getting it for your business, you are effectively neglecting over a billion potential users. When it comes to apps, retention is also important.

The average mobile app retains just 11% of users after 12 months. For the Facebook Messenger, that number climbs to an impressive 62%. That means that customers who become engaged with your business through this communication app, stay engaged.

People also use messaging apps more than other apps, so they’re a more likely platform for people to engage with your business through. The average app enjoys 1.9 uses per day, whereas messaging apps enjoy 8.9 applications per day. It’s also worth pointing out that now is the opportune moment to get Facebook Messenger for your business page.

In 2018 more than ever, the social network is making it easier for businesses to get on Messenger, rolling out features like personalised information, and making chatbots more readily available.

What Does Facebook Messenger Do For Your Business?

So, it’s worthwhile getting on Messenger, but what is its actual function in your social media strategy?

Facebook Messenger is basically about customer service and customer care.

It allows you to present a more personal aspect to your customers, and it will enable you to deal with their queries quickly and efficiently. The image benefits from being seen to be transparent and readily available are tremendous.

Aside from actually helping your customers with their problems and enabling them to enjoy their consumer experience, you’re also doing wonders for your brand image. People who might be thinking about making a purchase can get in touch, and you can answer their questions immediately.

Instant messaging allows you to instantly dispel doubts that might be in your potential customer’s mind, giving them the information they need to pull the trigger on their purchase.

Handling complaints is another significant function of Messenger and Facebook customer service. Complaints are never easy for businesses, but mishandling them can spell disaster. Being readily available to your customers defuses some of the tension that can result from angry customers hanging on the end of a phone line for minutes or hours on end.

When you get negative comments on your Facebook page, Facebook Messenger also provides a convenient way to take the conversation offline, preventing any further damage to your image.

General customer support will probably make up the bulk of your interactions on Facebook Messenger. By providing customer care at the early stages, you can prevent any issues that might cause your customer to make a complaint in the first place.

You can also send shipping info and promotional information through Messenger, making sure that your customers stay in the loop. Facebook Messenger is a necessary part of customer service in 2018.

If your customers can’t get hold of a representative of your business quickly and conveniently, it doesn’t reflect well. On the other hand, maintaining a presence on Messenger makes for happier, more loyal customers.

Useful Features Of Facebook Messenger

You might think you know all the Facebook tips, tricks and secret features, but there’s a good amount of things that even Facebook Pro’s forget about! Let us start from the beginning:

1. Messages Details

The absolute first step in using Messenger on your Facebook business page is enabling messages on your page.

You do this by going to your general settings, going to the message tab, and then ticking the relevant box, before saving your changes. You can turn messages off again this way if you are receiving a too high volume of messages. After that, you need to configure your messaging settings.

It means setting things like ‘response time’. This setting can again be accessed from the messaging tab in your settings.

Facebook will automatically set your response time to your actual response time – how long it takes you to respond to messages, on average. You can also pick your own, longer response time, which might be a good idea if you want to manage the expectations of your customers.

When you are unable to respond to messages, you should set your status to ‘away’, so that your lack of responses doesn’t affect your average response time. You do this by clicking ‘away’ on the top right-hand side of your messages page.

2. Replies

With Facebook Messenger, you can also choose to send instant replies. You can edit this instant reply after ticking the box ‘use instant replies’. If you set your status to away, instant replies won’t be sent.

You can also create saved replies with Facebook Messenger. Facebook comes up with some fairly lame set replies for you, but you can edit these and create your own. Using preset responses saves time, and it can also give the how to get started on instagramcustomer service for your business a more standard and professional tone.

It takes a little time at first, but setting up a realistic range of replies can streamline your customer care and Facebook communication and benefit of social media for business. You can also add an image to your saved answers, giving you space to promote your brand. If this seems a little robotic to you, have no fear. You can also personalise these automatic responses.

3. The “About” Tab

For example, you can choose to automatically include the user’s first or last name in your response.

Another useful feature of Facebook Messenger, which demonstrates that Facebook is really thinking about their business users, is the “about” tab on Messenger.

Facebook displays the details of the people messaging you in a convenient tab attached to their message. From this, you can view the user’s profile and see some necessary information about the person getting in touch with you.

This allows you to personalise your Facebook customer service quickly. Perhaps they went to the same school as you or worked at the same company. Knowing these little bits of information can help you make a connection and improve the quality of your customer care.

You can also find out how long they’ve been following your page, giving you clues as to how well they know your brand. You can also make your notes on these tabs and add keywords. This is an indispensable function when you are troubleshooting customers’ problems.

For example, you might want to add the keywords ‘follow up’ or ‘important’ so that you can prioritise certain messages. Keeping track of your interactions with customers is especially important if you have more than one admin using the platform and interacting with customers.

4. Video Chat

One final thing worth mentioning is Facebook Messenger’s video chat function.

The app isn’t just for automatic replies and chatbots; you can also further personalise your interactions with customers by appearing in person. This adds a new dimension to your image branding and is a sure fire way to win customer loyalty. Of course, an obvious way to utilise video chat is in improving customer service.

Having a face to face interaction with your customer can help them relate to your business and calm any doubts they might have about purchasing your projects. But video chat needn’t just be about customer care. You might also want to organise webinars to help improve your brand image and connect with customers.

Facebook Messenger allows you to chat with an astonishing 50 people at once, a marked improvement on Skype’s 10. Using Facebook Messenger video chat, even the smallest business owner can organise a webinar with zero fees and zero hassle. You might also want to consider using Facebook Messenger video chat for internal communications.

If you are part of a more extensive business Messenger video can be a great alternative to Skype for business meetings. However you decide to use it, Facebook Messenger is an incredibly versatile tool and a must-have addition to your business page.

If you have any more questions about the importance of Facebook Messenger for companies feel free to contact us

Messenger Bots for Business

Although bots have been around for quite a while, they are becoming even more prominent now that they are being used on platforms that we might be more familiar with such as Facebook Messenger.

These bots not only serve to improve the user’s experience but also serves other purposes such as dealing with clients and helping customers make a transaction. But before we look into why these chatbots are being used for business, let us look at what AI bot technology is and how chatbots are being used in the business sector.

First things first, there are two kinds of AI Bots:

1. Virtual Assistants

These bots we are overly familiar with: Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Assistant. They help you find information, remember stuff, or buy things. Primarily, they are powered by machine learning, meaning they rely on artificial intelligence to learn and figure out what you want.

2. Messaging Bots

Messenger apps allow businesses and brands to be online 24/7 providing customer support (e.g., instant responses, quick answers, complaint resolution).

These types of chatbots are only capable of interacting with users by following a pre-programmed rule. Examples of Messenger Apps include Facebook Messenger, Kik, WeChat, and Slack.

Ever since Facebook announced its platform at the Annual F8 Conference in April 2016, many businesses on Facebook have integrated their own chatbot into this platform to perform various tasks such as answering client questions, providing contact details, dealing with clients’ requests and helping customers make a transaction.

Therefore the chatbot not only improves customer experience by interacting with clients and answering FAQs but also enables a user to purchase through a conversation with a chatbot. This mode of communicating with clients through messenger apps is referred to as conversational commerce.

What Exactly is Conversational Commerce and how to use it?

Simply put, conversational commerce is the real-time customer communication through various messenger applications and bots. Uber’s Chris Messina first coined the term in 2015, which he explained as a shift in which businesses leverage the power of social messengers for customer communication.

1. Instant Response Ensures A Great Customer Experience

People want to be served there, and then and this is not always possible to do manually.

Therefore, instead of having your employees physically answer every message received, you can create your own chatbot to which you would have fed information prior, and help the customer with any questions or even transactions.

2. Save Time And Reduce Costs

Most of the time, employees have to answer the same questions time and time again like what are a store’s opening hours, where a store is located, what kind of items/services the business offers etc. The team can quickly gather all these questions and use it to create a chatbot that is capable of dealing with such queries.

It saves not only time but also money when you think about the other things that can be achieved by your employees instead of responding individually to every inquiry.

3. Messaging Apps Are Now Bigger Than Social Networks

According to BI Intelligence, the top four messaging apps are more significant than the top four social networks, and according to eMarketer,

more than 2 billion people used messaging apps in 2018. It is estimated that by 2019, more than 25 per cent of the world’s population (roughly 2.25 billion people) will be using mobile messaging apps.

4. Messaging Apps Are Used Across Different Devices

Users can contact a business on messenger from their laptop, tablet and phone. They can also start a conversation on their laptops, switch to their tablet and then to their phone, without making any difference.

5. People Love Talking To Bots

How many times do you ask Siri to look up something for you or to schedule an appointment?

Talking to bots is something people find convenient for many reasons:

  • First of all,  it is not news that the younger generation would instead chat or send a text than make a phone call – and this also applies to contact a business. According to a survey conducted by Software Advice, millennials prefer live chat system over the phone while approaching a company.
  • Secondly, it is also not new that with today’s lifestyle, people don’t like to wait to be served, which is why they would prefer to use self-service.
    According to a report entitled Humanity in the Machine, by Mindshare, 63 per cent of people would consider messaging an online chatbot to communicate with a business or brand, while a survey conducted by myclever Agency found that people would use chatbots to obtain “quick emergency answers”.

6. People Like To Buy Online

The majority of people today would search for items to buy online, and look up information about these items before making a purchase. By having a chatbot that interacts with the user, provides the user with all the information they need and helps them narrow down their options, users will more likely end up making a purchase.

Moreover, you can program your chatbot to carry out transactions and accept payments through payment systems like Visa, MasterCard and Paypal. Therefore, this way, not only will the chatbot help the consumer decide on what to buy but will also facilitate the process of purchasing that particular item.

How Do You Build A Chat Bot?

There are a lot of companies that provide small businesses with the right tools to build custom bots and even create Facebook-ready chat bots within minutes. One example is Chatfuel, a company based in California that makes custom bots.

Luca Friedrich, the Head of User Happiness at Chatfuel, defines what the core of conversational commerce is, and how small business owners (especially those selling a consumer product or service) are already benefiting from it:

“Lately, we see more and more small businesses adding Payments to their bots; it enables people to order a product directly in their Messenger app. I believe that this will become a lot more popular, as it is a great opportunity for business owners to make more revenue without having to buy a website or have someone build an online store for them.”

Things NOT To Do While On Social Media: Buying Fake Followers

The internet makes it incredibly easy for us all to get what we want quite quickly. Whether you are in need of an urgent delivery or need to order something from the other side of the world, “the Internet” can certainly come in handy. One thing that our company observes when taking on a new client is that some businesses choose to buy social media followers to showcasesocial proof” to the world.

However, the main central question lies in whether buying social media followers for your business is really a good idea. The answer to this question is simple; yes, but only when it is done right.

Through the use of Facebook Ads, you can promote your pages for more likes and pay only whenever a new person likes or subscribers to your page. This is not the same as when we say that buying fake social media followers is not ideal. The followers you “buy” through Facebook are real people that have come across your page through Facebook Ads and have decided to like your page.

On the other, darker side of the internet, you will find services that promote selling hundreds or even thousands of fake followers which, at face value, appear to be “normal” profiles, but in reality, they would have been created with the sole intent to like pages by the services.

For example, specific ad listing online claim that they can “buy” you 5,000 followers for $5 but this is not ideal to do, and we’ll give you the reason below:

1. They Contribute Nothing

If you buy a following of 5000 fake followers, don’t expect to have the same management as a page that has 5,000 active, real followers.

These fake profiles are just there for vanity, i.e. to increase your numbers and give you social proof.

Apart from that, do not expect likes, comments or shares to come in.

2. It’s Easily Recognisable

Having thousands of followers is definitely something that catches the eye, but on a closer look, it is undeniable when a business is buying up followers.

This will instantly alienate any real potential customers and followers. Therefore, it is essential to stay away from buying fake followers at all costs.

3. It’s A Waste Of Money

Buying up followers may not cost much, but then again, as proven above, there are many downsides to it. It is a waste of money as no ROI is coming from these “followers”.

What Should You Do Instead?

Social Media Challenges

Use your budget, effort and time to get real, legitimate likes to your page.

As previously discussed, Facebook Ads work great if you want to increase your follower count and your best return on investment will come from creating specifically targeted ads towards audiences that might be interested in what your page is about.

As a digital marketing agency that specialises in online branding and social media management and conversions, we would like to help you take your online branding to new heights.

Closing Words

If you think your business can benefit from having an expert opinion and new strategies on how to manage your social media better, be sure to get in touch with one of our ConvRes™ experts.

We’d love to help you. You can also see some of our previous work with clients in our case study page, Medium publication and blogroll.

Thank you for reading and see you on the next blog.