29th January

5 Sins of Customer Experience

Acknowledging the pain points within your customer journey and responding to them rapidly is critical to attract new costumers and increase your brand loyalty.
Here are the 5 sins of customer experience you need to avoid:

1. Reactivity

When something goes wrong in a customers journey, it’s a common standard to react to the problem. However, many companies only try and resolve their customers dissatisfaction when it’s too late.

A successful brand will analyse their customers journey constantly and proactively resolve possible issues as the market is always changing.

2. Overcomplicating

The average human attention span has decreased, therefore it’s important to give your consumer relevant information and quickly. No one wants to dig through several pages or processes to get to what they want.
3. Lack of personal knowledge

With the rise in technology, customers expect you to remember much more about them than ever before. This means having their profile on your database, remembering their contact information and showing them what products you’d think they like before they realise it themselves.

4. Not focusing on your EX

Employee experience (EX) is all about making sure your employees are the perfect advocates for your brand. Undertrained and unhappy employees lead to bad service.
5.  Coming on too strong

Trying to collect all the information from the potential customer before they’ve really learnt about your brand, is a sure way to never see them again. A successful brand will study what works for their consumer.

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Emily Attard



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