5th June

How to plan a C-level event

…and get the right people to show up.

During an era of coffee meetings and skype calls, ANCHOVY. delivered a networking event to stimulate the senses. There are various challenges to consider when planning, setting up and delivering an event. Key elements include theme, location, place, services required (such as Health & Safety, Security, Catering etc) and marketing.

Creating a concept that is fresh and unique is equally important in order to generate a good turn-out. We collaborated in a brainstorm session for the theme of our next c-level event & the ‘Cognac & Chocolate Pairing’ was born.

Our ‘Cognac & Chocolate pairing’ was exclusively for top decision makers in Malta, to learn and share a unique experience. We sought to deliver something different to the norm and commenced by drafting our initial concepts for presentation to the Client and our sponsors of preference.

Planning is a rather challenging phase since there are several objectives that need to be considered in order to ensure success by adding value to the whole event, especially since the planning process aids in controlling an event’s preparation and outcome.

In order build a well organised planning process, it is important to carry out a feasibility study and a layout plan of what is exactly going to happen during an event, from start to finish.

Whilst we provided our marketing services and a typical guest-list, our sponsors provided everything else needed to bring our vision to fruition, and that’s what indeed happened.

On that particular night, hosted at the luxury location of the Phoenicia Hotel, just outside Malta’s capital city, 26 decision makers met to experience the culinary journey – led by Malta’s alcohol/masterclass expert, Fabien Etienne. Fabien worked together with our sponsor, the chocolatier – ’Sunday in Scotland’, to create the perfect pairing menu. The cognac was supplied by another of our proud sponsors, M. Demajo Wines & Spirits.

” Our ‘Cognac & Chocolate pairing’ was exclusively for top decision makers in Malta, to learn and share a unique experience.”

Offering value to your guests

Whilst it was important for us to attract the right people, it was also important to us to ensure that this event also offered a learning element of value. We had therefore approached Malta’s former prime-minister Dr. Lawrence Gonzi, who offered to share his stories and triumphs regarding his experiences during the Libyan Crisis to our guests on the night. The speech provided by Dr. Gonzi proved to be eye-opening and insightful, with many of our guests continuing to talk about his story post-event.

All of this led to us having received amazing feedback from invited guests, with the recurring comment being that there is a lack of events of this calibre in Malta. Due to such great response, sponsors as well as we here at ANCHOVY. aim to develop this style of event every quarter.

Word of mouth remains critical to every success or failure so this is what we seek to master as an outcome for planning events since positivity breeds positivity, something that our clients and we all strive to attain. We therefore trust that our endeavours in going forward will deliver the high standards that are all the more being associated with our brand – ANCHOVY.

Emily Attard



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