18th October

Influencer Marketing, are you onboard?

Influencer marketing was once a sector reserved for celebrities, but over the last decade we have seen a major shift in this marketing sector. The rise of different social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok have given a platform for persons to build their popularity and gain a dedicated following, which businesses have seen the potential in and utilised to their advantage. There may be a conflicting thoughts on whether influencer marketing actually works or not but we have seen some pretty great results when influencer marketing is used in the right way.

What is influencer marketing?

At its basis, influencer marketing is a model of social media marketing that uses personalities/influencers to promote and endorse products through the influencer’s following. Influencers have found niche markets that they have become experts in and gained the trust of followers and built a loyal following. This following trusts that the brands or products that are being endorsed by the influencer they follow are sound recommendations and products that are worth trying out. This is great for businesses as they get access to a group of followers, through the influencer, that potentially fit their target market.

What are the benefits of influencer marketing for businesses?

The main KPIs that influencer marketing brings to brands are brand awareness and conversions. Influencer marketing brings about a greater social media reach (followers and impressions), engagement (likes, comments, shares, mentions), and social media sentiment through brand awareness. In terms of conversions it brings sign ups, sales and an increase in click-through rates (such as website traffic).

Through influencer marketing brands are able to expand their reach and build trust through an influencer’s following, strengthen their means of communicating (brand messaging) through genuine endorsements, reach their target audience who are more likely to engage with their brand, and thus influence the user’s buying decisions.

Selecting the right influencer

At ANCHOVY. we use influencer marketing to help our clients achieve amazing results, but there are many aspects that go into carrying out influencer marketing effectively. It is important to understand the brand or product that your business would like to promote. To do this you must carry out a fair amount of research to find the right influencer that would best help you reach the target audience and create the desired buzz in the market to achieve the right results. You cannot simply use any influencer that is riding the popularity wave and expect amazing results if they do not resound with your brand or product. If there is a dissonance between a product/brand and influencer, this will translate badly with the audience the influencer is reaching and could have unfavourable results on your brand image.

Dr. Juice just launched an app that we developed for them and we worked on an app roll out campaign which was wildly successful with the main goal being to create a huge buzz around the brand and bring in app downloads. Our creative team did a great deal of research about Dr. Juice to understand its ethos, brand message, target audience, and so on. We basically lived and breathed the brand. We then compiled a list of well known influencers and micro-influencers that we believed would be a right fit for the campaign. Eventually, this list was narrowed down to select the final influencers that we believed best represented the target audience Dr. Juice is aiming for and that would best represent the brand. This resulted in a final product that we are very proud of and a campaign which was highly successful because of the effort that went into understanding the Dr. Juice brand.

To achieve great results, our first step was research. You need to understand the brand you wish to promote. Only then can you begin to pinpoint the influencers that are best suited to endorse your brand. Our second step was bringing the influencers on board. It was important that we met with the influencers to ensure that they understood the brand and it would be an authentic fit. We believe we found a great fit for the Dr. Juice campaign and this led to authentic endorsement from the influencers and resulted in a relationship that is worth nurturing between the client and the influencers.


If you’re looking for an effective means of marketing on social media for your brand or a product that you think is worth screaming about, influencer marketing might be the way to go. Research is key to success in this sector. It is important to understand your brand and the market to find the right influencer to best represent your business. Then build and maintain a great relationship with the influencers you use. They will be the ones singing your praises if they believe in what you have to offer and could be an ally worth keeping.

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