29th July


Importers have always faced many difficult constantly changing odds. In the past each importer had their respective monopoly on their brand in the country and could even impose this exclusivity through legal means and was considered to be a trade barrier. This all changed for importers after Malta entered the European Union. As part of the principal changes that were made to allow Malta to join the EU market was one in relation to what we refer to as Parallel Trading.

As part of the EU companies in Malta now had access to the single market in which there are various wholesalers that offered the same brands that were already being imported to Malta, sometimes at better rates.

The goal

The solution is a framework that not only allows people to identify the real problems they should be considering, but also to help everyone narrow their focus down to a single problem per session in order to have clear and actionable suggestions at the end; a solution that allows people to use organisational goals as their starting point.

Parallel trading started a virtual price war in Malta between the ‘original’ importer and the company that was importing the same brand through a wholesaler. This also raised various issues about if the quality is the same, lower or higher than the product being imported by the ‘exclusive’ distributor. This constant threat that any importer now faces means that importers have to be creative and strategic in the ways that they do marketing utilizing every possible advantage their suppliers can allow them in order to sell their product.

Product placement, another factor, became even more important in this new strategy. Importers now must learn, adapt and evolve to be better able to be better able to sell their products but they cannot do everything.

This is were ANCHOVY. comes into play. ANCHOVY. is perfectly placed to analyse these product advantages for you and develop an optimized strategic plan to lead you towards success. The same success we have led other clients towards such as Pampers, Bavaria and Vivian Corporation.

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