12th Nov

The Silver Lining of a Pandemic

7:00am CET my day typically kicks off with a call to Sydney, followed by a virtual trip to Dubai. By the time the office in Malta kicks into motion at 08:30CET i would have already virtually visited two major cities. Would this have been possible 1 year ago ?

2020 started off with a bang, we were refreshed and on track to meet the targets we projected. Come March, the pandemic hit organisations like a surprise storm you couldn’t run away from. Within days, we were forced to restructure, reorganise, and realign ourselves to ensure our fundamental mission of delivering the best service to our clients is maintained.

Being based in Malta, a small tiny island in the middle of the mediterranean, the situation from an economic position is also slightly intimidating. We strongly depend on tourism, with the industry deeply rooted in all segments of our economy.

Once the island came to a standstill, we had two potential paths as digital consultants: Do we take down our sails and weather the storm? Or, hoist the spinnaker and ride the storm at an accelerated pace? As a board, we took a highly calculated risk and chose the latter. Our ‘accelerated’ mode pushed us to source international clients, discover opportunities in new markets and add value to local businesses.

Since the pandemic shifted the way we usually do business and made the entire world become video-call gurus, I can virtually travel to different parts of the world daily. I can host a strategic session with a partner in Riyadh at lunch time, and then I can have a relationship-building virtual G&T with a client in Miami in the evening.

The silver lining has been the accelerated willingness of entrepreneurs all around the world to shift their mindset and enable virtual meetings, giving rise to a remote first culture.

Thanks to COVID-19, a company based in Malta can now easily export its digital services and skills worldwide.

Zak Borg
Fact: Up at 4:45am


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