16th March

Thoughts on marketing in the midst of COVID-19

The outbreak has already left a devastating impact on humanity worldwide. First and foremost, good health is the priority. 

As history has shown, life is obliged to go on and society will have to make great efforts to move forward. Once we turn our attention to the impact the outbreak has made on businesses, we will realise certain challenges and even possible opportunities:

How do you communicate with your customers? 

This period is highlighting every individuals actions and businesses are no different. Once the peak begins to decline, people will remember the brands that have made and communicated the actions they are taking to ensure the wellbeing of their consumers. Moving beyond a social responsibility perspective, brands will also be judged on their ability to adapt to the change of consumer lifestyle.

The new lifestyle: Isolation 

“Research showed that skin care purchases in China are down 30% (this time on the previous year), whilst time spent watching skin care-related videos is up 300%.” – AgencyChina

Whilst there is an inevitable decrease in consumer spending, the outbreak has also caused an increase in content consumption. Why? People are bored in isolation. Successful brands are already catering  to the new lifestyle – Fitness apps rolled out at-home workout routines whilst nightclubs in China are hosting online raves. 

Then what?

People will spend again, and their money and loyalty will go to the brands who remained front-of-mind by adding value to their lives within this difficult time. 

Emily Attard
Marketing Executive
Fact: I lived in Australia for 16 years



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