Where we’ve been and where we’re going

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In 2013, Zak and Benji Borg, two young brothers in their early 20’s, opened their first ANCHOVY. office in their bedroom. They offered digital marketing services at a time where the discipline in Malta was practically unheard of. Rather than see this as an obstacle, they saw only the huge potential and possibility for growth that this sector offered. And they were right.

Five years later, the brothers have moved out of their bedroom and employ over 30 people. Their vision is what drives them, and they continue to seek out success in places where others seldom look. Their rapid growth was a combination of hard work, business acumen and smart financial decisions that have allowed the company to expand in different ways.

In 2017 ANCHOVY. went public on the Malta Stock Exchange and raised a bond of 1 million euros in conformity with Prospects rules. These funds are being used in a drive to take the agency international with the acquisition of expert talent, investing in new start up ventures and allowing the company to set up an affiliate arm of operations.

This hugely successful exercise allowed ANCHOVY. affiliates to be brought to life. The company built six new assets including their flagship sites Alpha Sports Betting and Bite My Coin adding a consistent revenue stream, as well as further trust and value to the ANCHOVY. brand.

They also expanded their ventures line-up to include Fetch It, remaining true to the start-up mindset and innovating in sectors which are still in their infancy.

2018 will be a year focused on nurturing and growth.

We will continue to improve the quality of our products Alpha Sports Betting and Bite My Coin with the goal of reaching a wider and more International audience then ever before.

Our core activity of digital marketing is further enhanced with the significant investment made to our data department, a practice which not only allows us to optimise our own performance but also cater to our client’s specific goals and needs by using their data to boost their own operations and reach their targets.

The ANCHOVY. train keeps moving. You can get on or you can get off, but the train doesn’t slow down for anyone.