AIRBRAND is a private jet company operating in the private aviation industry, offering the following services amongst others:

  1. Charter Flights
  2. Jet Sales
  3. Aircraft Management

Their target audience are financiers; low-profile individuals with a high net worth, located primarily in Russia, the Middle East, North Africa and the Americas. Although they operate out of Malta, they are a global company without a base.

The client approached ANCHOVY. to develop a brand look and feel, and to make use of our conversion expertise to generate leads.

The approach adopted by ANCHOVY.was to utilise any tool necessary to get leads for the client – this was done primarily through the use of the Google Search Network for conversion marketing and a heavy focus on remarketing to drive brand awareness.

The end goal of the campaign was to drive leads as a source of conversions.

Specific work carried out by ANCHOVY. in addition to lead generation included the design of the website as well as the establishment of a brand identity.

Conversions: The Daily Grind

The bulk of conversion marketing happened on a day to day basis – it was a process of continually assessing and analysing data to understand what the key obstacles were and how these could be overcome, by continually optimising an effective Google Search campaign.

Niche Targeting Via Daily Optimisation

This was done as the main threats to the campaign was high competition and low search volumes – which is why the campaign needed to be optimised on a daily basis.

The client did not question the mechanism of ANCHOVY.’s operations, so long as results were obtained.

Through smart marketing and targeting, an audience composed primarily of high net-worth individuals, financiers and PAs was reached.

The Results

It’s an on-going process.

Due to the nature of this campaign, results are constantly coming in. In total, since the campaign has been running, we have achieved a significant amount of conversions for the client – with a high click through rate through various marketing efforts and a high number of leads generated as a result of the conversion efforts.

At present, results are continuing to be generated.

The trick to achieving results with a brand like AIRBRAND, is patience. As an agency we knew we had to wait however our ability is not waiting but how WE ACT WHILE WE WAIT.

– Kurt Bugeja, Digital Account Executive