Bonds is a home furniture based client focusing on high-quality brands, mainly Italian brands such as Colombini Casa and Materassi e Materassi. They operate in the home furnishings industry, offering complete housing solutions by designing bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens as well as selling individual furniture such as sofas, office furniture and mattresses.

They target primarily new home owners, newlyweds and parents – focusing specifically on an audience over the age of 25 living in Malta.

The client deals in three main area of furniture distribution:

  1. Importation
  2. Manufacture
  3. Sales

Although this is a local operation, they have strong international influence since they also deal with import of furniture from Italy.

The client was interested mainly in building brand awareness but also wanted to drive sales through marketing initiatives – through a mixture of social media and Google display marketing.

Client Aims

The client approached ANCHOVY. to increase and strengthen their brand awareness through a social media campaign, whilst also driving their sales figures. Initially the client identified needs of both traditional and digital marketing but through ANCHOVY.’s work it became apparent that the digital aspect was the area where the company was the weakest in.

The key result of the campaign were focused mainly on the number of messages and queries received through their Facebook page – as well as the amount of traffic being driven to their website through the Google Display campaign.

The main campaign was driven towards brand awareness and then sales, through the use of social media management and Google display marketing.

What Did ANCHOVY. Do?

On a monthly basis, content was generated in house with the specific goals of raising brand awareness and driving sales kept in mind. Specific targeted messages were communicated to the identified audience based on the needs of the client – whether it was promoting a special offer or driving sales of a particular product.

ANCHOVY. reached an audience of over 90,000 through a mixture of paid and organic methods, by utilizing smart targeting and developing engaging content.

The main challenge posed to studio was a lack of content provided from the client – as such ANCHOVY. had to source all imagery which presented an issue in promoting the right brands/products and simultaneously keeping within the right parameters to continue growing the brand identity.

ANCHOVY. had built a level of trust with the client so that no limits were imposed on the agency so long as visuals were designed to be appropriate to the needs of the client.

The Results

It can be determined that the client’s goal of strengthening brand awareness was met, as indicated by the increase in post engagement whilst ANCHOVY. was employed by the client. Trends show that engagement via Facebook peaked whilst ANCHOVY. was still being contracted.

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