With a rich history dating back to the 1700s, Palazzo Parisio is one of Malta’s most well-known palazzos. Aside from being a popular venue for wedding receptions, the Palazzo also boasts a number of features: A café, restaurant, public gardens, a tea room and a luxury boutique featuring handpicked luxury items.

Located in the picturesque town of Naxxar, the client also sought to attract a young to middle-aged crowd – primarily female based, with a good disposable income.

Classic Luxury Meets Digital Advertising

ANCHOVY. were approached to take on the social media management of the Palazzo, and to design and distribute a monthly newsletter highlighting various updates, promotions and events happening at the venue.

300 Years Of Luxury Brought To Life Online

Palazzo Parisio Seeks Out ANCHOVY.’s Branding Power

Our social media marketing was primarily managed through the use of Facebook while also making use of other channels such as Instagram to highlight the unique beauty of the 300-year-old majestic decor.

The Results Of The Campaign

Tapping into Facebook’s high-engaged audience, our 12-month long campaign brought in a total of 2,465,064 Facebook page impressions and over 120,000 users engaged with the brand online.

The website also got a huge boost in traffic with the overall campaign driving close to 110,000 clicks to the Palazzo Parisio website.

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