ANCHOVY. was approached by AIRBRAND, a new worldwide jet sales & charters agency, to create a timeless and dynamic brand including a website and marketing strategy built to convert. Here’s how we took them from an idea to a fully realized online service:


Logo development

Being in the aviation industry we wanted to design a brand which would both compliment the sleek and dynamic feel of jet flight, as well as a refinement and timelessness representative of the target clientelle. We were inspired by jet take-off angles as well as the contrails left behind in the sky during flight to create the logotype for the brand: This resulted in creating a custom typeface with angled crossbars in each glyph

Bringing the brand to life

We were inspired by the serenity and beauty of the sky for much of the brand application, from colours to background images for the website etc. When looking into further applications we wanted to evoke the spirit of AIRBRAND in a more relateable and approachable way. We wanted to introduce a more lifestyle aspect which is predominant in holiday travels, but even when travelling on business there is still a refreshing change which comes with being in a new country, so we wanted to represent this feeling of exploration and travel in the imagery. We also wanted to represent the new high income individuals in tech and other industries we find today, since they will continue to grow into the market clientelle over time – we want to think about the future and make something with a long & relevant lifespan .

We also created the rest of the peripherals and guidelines to complete the branding exercise setting up a strong foundation for the rest of the project.


Initial Phases

We started by putting ourselves in the user’s shoes and mapping out their journey from start to finish. This fuelled the rational behind the placement of pages, the flow of their experience and the structure which will aid in making conversions smooth and simple.

The Final product

We took this wireframe and skinned it with the sleek design consistent with the brand we created.

View the full site here:



As with all our sites we mobile optimised everything so that the experience is seamless and just as easy on mobile.

Marketing Material

Social Media

With social media, we wanted to build an avenue to post updates, interesting content and engage with users, potential customers & the aviation community – providing value with a series of airy & travel imagery. We wanted to evoke the longing of travel around the world at a relatively affordable price, in a very short turnaround.

Google Advertising

As part of our conversion marketing, we mapped out the user’s journey and together with client’s data, we have tapped into each step of the process of the customer purchasing journey by firstly showing them the power of the brand via display advertising and then capturing them as a lead once the user was interested enough to search on Google, by bidding on keywords which were of interest to us from a conversion point of view.

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