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Badger Karting

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Badger Karting was founded in 1999, and over the years has established itself as a must-go attraction on the Maltese islands. The venue has up to 30 go-karts to offer, making it an ideal activity for fun, team-building events such as staff and birthday parties. There are go-karts available of reaching up to 80km/hr, which makes it appealing for all type of consumers. The venue consists of more than just a race-track, offering a clubhouse where people can enjoy drinks and food. The roof has also been designed as a viewing gallery.


After holding a marketing workshop with the client where they presented us their business goals for the upcoming year, we addressed these goals with a plan of action.

The plan of action was the following,

We split the campaign in two, the baseline campaign and offers campaign.

Baseline campaign

The baseline campaign is where we created the brand story and humanised the brand. From a digital perspective, this gave us different audience buckets to retarget with offers and competitions later on in the campaign.

Offers campaign

After we have created and presented valuable content to our users and they qualified by showing a reasonable effort in engagement, it was worth spending budget to hit these users with an offer, we hit hard with offers and competitions that ride the buzz that the initial campaign generated.



From the start till the end of our collaboration, the Facebook page grew by approximately 2000 likes.

Impressions: 1,437,913

Reach: 170,190

Video Views: 320,000

More than half the online Maltese Facebook population had seen our ads, with our showing approximately 1.5 million times on maltese phone users.

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