ANCHOVY. Launches Branding Campaign In The UAE

In 2013, ANCHOVY. were approached by Lufthansa Malta with a problem they needed help solving: how to build their email database in order to have a larger reach for their email marketing initiatives.

Designing A Branding Strategy In The UAE

This week we are looking at the work ANCHOVY. did for the Al Tayer family in Dubai after they requested our marketing services to promote their latest HR software with the name of: Connect.

Introducing: CONNECT

“Connect” was a new project by the Al-Tayer family and it’s an HR software designed to help facilitate communications internally within a company with the idea of making “workflow” much easier, and much more manageable.

Al Tayer Luxury Brand Meets ANCHOVY.

After the great results we achieved for Al Fahim group, Al Tayer reached out to us to help us promote their new product (Connect).

Of course, we took on this project with delight and immediately got to work in making it another success story for our digital agency in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

With Al Tayer being a conservative company, there were some brand guidelines and restrictions on the work that needed to be done, but we soon found common ground in the branding strategy and got to work on the project soon after.

A Branding Strategy For Al Tayer In The UAE

The Work We Did For Connect

As requested by the client, the main bulk of the work and our aim goal was to create the brand identity for Connect.

We were requested by the client to create a series if images, logos and peripherals to fully explain what the Connect product was all about.

Our Finished Work

Thanks to our in-house graphic design experts, we managed to deliver (with a quick turnaround) a series of elements that helped facilitate the goal of getting Connect off the ground and connecting it to companies.

The elements we designed included: a new logo and a fresh brand identity, a mailshot template, a power point template, z-fold and also; an electronic signature to be used during Eid.

Each element had a dedicated project brief and design team working on it, with the overall guidance of a project manager to ensure a unified vision was conveyed.

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