An Innovation In Data Collection

In 2013, ANCHOVY. were approached by Lufthansa Malta with a problem they needed help solving: how to build their email database in order to have a larger reach for their email marketing initiatives.

The challenge was to collect this data without being blatant about their intent. A highly innovative concept was presented: challenge people to a game, requiring them to submit certain information to sign up – including their email address.

The result? Charlene’s Honeymoon Challenge.

Charlene’s Honeymoon Challenge was presented as a fun challenge, ongoing for six months, whereby the end user could win a flight to any Lufthansa destination each month.

ANCHOVY. created the fictional character Charlene, who was the protagonist of a fun interactive game that followed her honeymoon adventures, to achieve the client’s goal.

The rules of the game were simple – players had to guess where Charlene was going on honeymoon from a picture and drag and drop the letters of the destination. The player that entered the destination the quickest won with a flight being won each month throughout the campaign.

Changes to the game were made on a day-to-day basis to ensure that players were getting the best experience possible. The game ran for six months with players playing right up until the last minute.

The Key to Success

The key to the success of Charlene’s Honeymoon Challenge was in indirectly collecting the information required, through a two fold approach.

Participants in the challenge were required to submit the required information in order to take part. If they were not gaining enough points in the game, they were encouraged to invite people to participate to gain more points – thereby collecting even more emails and fortifying the campaign.

By engaging with their audience, ANCHOVY. ensured that they were building a database of people who were intrinsically interested in the product – meaning future marketing efforts directed towards the consumer would be well received.

The Results

Through the marketing of Charlene’s Honeymoon Challenge, ANCHOVY. were able to achieve the following results:

  • 7,500 unique players
  • 184,000 game plays
  • 7,569 unique email addresses collected

Developing the Database

Through the work carried out by ANCHOVY., Lufthansa Malta were able to successfully build up their email database further, tapping into an activated audience to successfully augment their email marketing campaigns.

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