Connect is a new cloud-based solution suite incorporating both web and mobile interfaces which we branded for the team at Al Tayer. The scope of this app was to provide their employees with tools that would allow them to interact with the organisation for their HR requirements, as well as to consolidate and integrate internal people management systems.

Through Connect, we were able to create a single touch point that will allow the employee to manage their journey more effectively, empowering managers and colleagues alike to be self-sufficient


Logo Development

Various approaches across all facets of logo development were taken; from the development of a name for the app, through to the conceptual development and eventual design of the branding, with the end goal to achieve a rich, mature base for the brand to be built over.

The client’s goal was to develop a brand that was a reflection of the connection built between co-workers, so we settled on Connect as a name to keep the brand sleek, whilst communicating the idea seamlessly. This allowed us the flexibility to become playful with the conceptual and artistic direction, being inspired by the relationship between people fitting together like two pieces of a puzzle.

Building further components

We chose a modern, technologically-driven style as a predominant aesthetic, whilst also trying to keep the overall look sleek and dynamic, in order  to connote a premium feel. We also incorporated a contrasting colour palette, inspired by the warm climate of the UAE, to really bring the brand to life.

The App


Connect creates a seamless user experience by bringing the ability to self-serve across multiple human resource facets including: 

  • personal profile management
  • leave management
  • viewing of payslips & benefits
  • availing of HR services including letter printing & letter requests
  • viewing organisational hierarchy & role
  • employee notifications
  • vacancy management
  • recruitment & onboarding.

Across different platforms

We designed a versatile set of assets to maximise the potential across a vast gamut of media, from screen, to mobile, to print – each with a distinct style to get the best out of the medium in question.


Leaflet & Access Card

We also created a printed fold-out leaflet; which had attached to it, an access card for each employee to be able to login with it. This included an employee QR code, which was required to access all HR related applications, as well as for any other official correspondence. Since employees are required to wear the card at all times, we also developed illustrations for appropriate wear; as well as quick tips for usage, care, and protection of the card.


Al Tayer were really pleased with the outcome of the branding exercise. Not only did Connect act as a stand alone brand, but it also managed to integrate into the Al Tayer mother brand. The journey over the development of this brand identity was one of self-discovery and in the end, we were able to build a  stronger relationship with the client as a result.

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