EC English is one of Malta’s leading language schools. In 2016 they organised a conference called Dream Big Malta with the aim of inspiring Maltese residents aged 16-30 to achieve their goals. A number of influential Maltese entrepreneurs were invited to either give talks or form part of a panel discussion.

A competition was also organised with the chance of winning an internship at any EC destination around the world. To enter the competition a video of the entrant addressing the Dream Big delegation had to be shot, or a Press Release written.

Why The Client Sought Out ANCHOVY.

EC approached ANCHOVY. to assist with the design of a website for Dream Big Malta, as well as the social media marketing. The client needed a total of 450 entries to the event – meaning 450 people aged 16-30 holding a Maltese ID card. In addition the client also required a substantial amount of competition entries.

The Work ANCHOVY. Did For The Client

A dedicated conversion team was set up specifically for this client in order to ensure that maximum results were achieved. The marketing strategy was evaluated on a day to day basis, and new marketing techniques were trialed. When a specific marketing technique proved successful, it was accelerated with additional budget until the market became saturated.

The main challenge faced by the agency was to get relevant entries – people over the cut off age of 30 or not holding a valid Maltese ID card were not counted as relevant.

In order to overcome this challenge, the conversion team constantly tried new and innovative techniques. Although the agency was originally contracted to undertake social media management, other channels were utilised to help the client achieve their end goal of 450 registrations.

This included newsletter marketing, Google remarketing, various types of advertising on Facebook, trials on Instagram, and many other techniques. Artworks were changed daily and new strategies were constantly used to keep interest in the event salient.

The Results Of The Campaigns

500+ Registrations

“The work that ANCHOVY. had done for Dream Big Malta shows what can be achieved through sheer determination, grit and a drive for success. It’s all about the hustle.”

– David Debono, Digital Account Executive

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