ANCHOVY. was approached by Garbo to come up with a fresh new brand for their online casino. They wanted to create a community of fun loving, adventurous dreamers and give them a place to explore, play and win. Here’s how we helped create the cutest online casino out there:

Initial Phases

Keyword identification

After meeting with the client, we extrapolated keywords which formed the backbone of the project and which we wanted to keep in mind at every decision to make sure we captured the spirit of what they wanted to communicate

User/target audience Identification

We started by identifying the users which we extracted from the client’s brief:

people who are different / weird – weird is wonderful
people who like to travel / fun loving

Focus on more of a feminine audience to cater for lack of options in competitor sites for this audience someone who will want to play for the fun of it and for the fun prizes like travel etc. rather than because of gambling

Competitor Research

Before going ahead with execution we also did competitor research to see what was out there, as the client very much wanted (just like the target audience) to be different and stand out and provide something new.

Mind mapping & creative exploration


A Holistic Approach

We wanted to think about the brand not just as a logo, but from every aspect. We wanted to identify the garbo sound, lifestyle, culutre, and possible future endevours. This is where we incorporated Maggie Rogers, who not only had the kind of music we were looking for, but also the story to go along with it. This really captured the spirit of the brand.

A Cheeky Move

We also thought about things from a holistic level, so how will the brand look and function in context? Where will they go in the future, and how can their brand adapt to adaptation & change into new and exciting ventures.

And of course, we did initial brand development of logotypes, marks and other visual essentials, which revolved around a “jump for joy” look and feel. We wanted to be a bit cheeky (literally) and have a cute character who was so happy they stripped butt naked

Further Development

We also looked at alternative colour choices as well as how the brand would look in its most used medium which is web – we created various designs & layouts as well as animations and transitions, to really bring everything to life


Final visual Moodboard

The previous iterations although well received were a little too hip for what the client had in mind, and wanted to explore more “pink limo Las Vegas” style, which would be mixed in to what we had already come up with. We wanted to make it more feminine as well as walk the line between taste and tackiness more dangerously, so that we can come up with something with strong pop-culture reference, which was still modern and well made

Expanding the possibilities

We really had fun with this new direction, adding whimsical and light hearted touches to the foundations we built previously to develop yet more iterations. These were experimenting with hand drawn type, later adding effects and details to add character all relating to this new subject matter

Honing in on the outcome

We then narrowed things down and with further touch points with the client decided on a unicorn to be the mark of Garbo. We wanted the grace and beauty they are so often associated with, to contrast with a bit of humor – the expression on its face is somewhere between surprised and ashamed whilst still managing to bring back the same idea from the streaking, jump for joy character, and have our protagonist mooning the viewerWe went for a modern style which stemmed from what we had been developing throughout, so that the icon would be strong and memorable at a variety of situations and sizes. We constructed it very geometrically but then added fun details and touches to give it that unique character.

The Result

We were a little skeptical at first having to incorporate such cliche’ imagery and reference material, but we ended up really having fun with it and managed to push things into a whole new direction by modernising and cleaning up a lot of the gaudy/tacky stuff, but keeping the fun stuff which loaded it with character

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