When it comes to luxury, nothing speaks volumes such as the Yamaha MusicCast multi-room home audio system that we had the pleasure of working with around mid-2016.

Yamaha Malta Meets ANCHOVY.

Yamaha sought out the help of ANCHOVY. to complete re-brand the company’s image and create a “local based” website for the Yamaha agent and supplier in Malta.

The client recognised that based on the agency’s track record with clients of a similar nature ANCHOVY. was the perfect digital marketing agency to do such a job, so we set out to make sure the work we did can compete with the best of the best all over Europe and the Americas.

The Work Conducted By ANCHOVY.

Soon after the client reached out to us, we quickly got to work on an action plan that would make the Yamaha Malta brand stand out and give it a completely new look, with new branding, creative imagery based on content supplied by the client and given an ANCHOVY.twist, a landing page, a fresh tone of voice and a new, kick-ass social media strategy.

So, our work from then onwards was to create, design, UX and optimise the new Yamaha Malta landing page and also create the social media strategy to go along with it.

All this came to fruition in just a few short months, and we quickly saw the results start trickling in.

The Results Of The Campaign

Below is the new Yamaha landing page that we created.

Also, from the social media perspective of this campaign, we managed to get some excellent results for the duration of our work, and we drove:

  • 536 new page likes for the Yamaha Facebook Page.
  • 259,768 people reached through the use of “paid” social media ads and also
  • 18,035 people reached organically through regular posting on the page engaging with the readers and followers.

Information represented above is correct at the time of writing this article, on 25/01/2017 – two months into a three-month social media campaign.

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