With the aim of providing full transparency into our company, our culture, our digital marketing strategies and our “successes stories” with our clients, we are publishing a series of detailed case studies of our past work with successful clients that we had the pleasure of working with.

In the past, we reviewed our own work that we did for New York Best & Briiz Cleaning Company. We suggest you also read those 2 case studies to know more about how we achieve goals for our clients and the work we do to continually over-deliver.

Today, we are looking at J/Boats, a high-end boating company that sought the help of ANCHOVY.’s digital marketing expertise to boost their presence online with the end-goal being an increase in brand awareness and an increase in the company’s revenue.

In this case study, we will go through all the steps we took to make sure J/Boats reach their digital and business goals and most of all, how we managed to take this boating company from 3,000 fans on Facebook to a continually growing, highly engaged “fan base” of 50,000 people from every corner of the world.

Charlene’s Honeymoon Challenge was presented as a fun challenge, ongoing for six months, whereby the end user could win a flight to any Lufthansa destination each month.

ANCHOVY. created the fictional character Charlene, who was the protagonist of a fun interactive game that followed her honeymoon adventures, to achieve the client’s goal.

The rules of the game were simple – players had to guess where Charlene was going on honeymoon from a picture and drag and drop the letters of the destination. The player that entered the destination the quickest won with a flight being won each month throughout the campaign.

Changes to the game were made on a day-to-day basis to ensure that players were getting the best experience possible. The game ran for six months with players playing right up until the last minute.

Who Are J/Boars & What Do They Do?

J/Boats is a true “American success story” with a humble beginning of a $20,000 budget and the J/Boats brothers Rob & Bob Johnstone building their very first boat in their home garage.

Soon enough, with hard work, dedication, and all the while setting a new standard for boating luxury, J/Boats is now one of the leading shipwrights for high-end sailing and leisure boats across the globe.

J/Boats’s Services & Brand

Fast forward from their beginnings in 1977, J/Boats now offers shipwright-ing services selling their exquisite boats and boat equipment online (and offline) all over the world.

In a nutshell, J/Boats are a boating company that builds boats for speed racing and also for private leisure. They are commonly referred to as the “Rolls Royce” standard of the seas thus it was set from the get-go of this project that we market their product with the brand’s iconic eye for luxury and high standards resulting in a successful campaign.

What Campaigns Did ANCHOVY. Run For J/Boats?

Boosted Their Facebook Fans From 3000 to 50,000 Fans

As a digital company, our first goal is to establish an online base that will hopefully grow into a customer base.

That is why our first focus was to give the J/Boats Facebook page an injection of creative content and also ran some Facebook Ad campaigns that quickly grew this boating company from 3000 fans to (almost) 50,000 in just a few short months.

Created the J/Boats Tagline:

As we did with our previous clients such as Briiz & New York Best, we came up with the tagline that was used to put the focus on the expertise and luxurious value of the J/Boats brand. After a lot of consultation, the tagline we decided on was:

“A Passion For Performance”

Numerous Proposals To Revamp The Website:

We supplied many proposals and ideas for a complete revamp of the website but unfortunately, due to limited time and a limited budget, this was not possible.

A Video Marketing Campaign:

One thing that sure helped give the Facebook page such an enormous boost in such little time, was the video we created for J/Boats that to this day, has over 233,000 views on Facebook.

How J/Boats Become An ANCHOVY. Client

In 2014, J/Boats requested the digital marketing expertise of our agency and thus the new “partnership” was formed.

It was a real pleasure for us seeing as how both of ANCHOVY.’s co-founders are sailors themselves having both used J/Boats yachts in their careers.

Next, we’ll be looking at what ANCHOVY. managed to achieve with J/Boats with our marketing plans (and strategies).

Promoted J/Boats Regattas Around The World:

J/Boats also creates on a regular basis one class races where they use a single model from their boating portfolio and organize races around the world from Rio De Janeiro, Jakarta, Rhode Island, Monte Carlo, San Diego and more.

ANCHOVY. was also responsible for promoting these events in the surrounding areas where they were happening.

We pulled this off with a limited budget and we’re happy to report that every race promoted by our marketing team went was a success.

Promoted Latest Boat Models by J/Boats Online

As part of our marketing campaign we had set up for J/Boats, we also were responsible for promoting the latest J/Boats boat models.

The project was mostly targeted to promote the J/112E edition.

Ran A Photo Competition Which Was Used For The J/Boats Calendar

We also come up with the idea of creating a calendar from a picture competition that was run on Facebook where other J/Boaters submitted their own “homemade” photo of them on their J/Boats boat using the hashtag #JBoatsFamily.

These pictures went on to become a published (and sold) calendar to J/Boats customers all over the world. You can see a collection of these photos and more on the official J/Boats website.

Closing Words

J/Boats marks another successful client under ANCHOVY.’s belt.

So far we have helped global brands such as LufthansaVisa & Costa Coffee with their digital branding and we remain hungry for more.

If you;d like to know more about us and how ANCHOVY. can help you boost your business and bottom line revenue, we’d like to invite you for a no-obligation meeting with one of our ConvRes™ professionals.

Thank you very much for reading.


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