In our case study this week, we are looking at the work (and the results) we achieved with Palazzo Violetta, a luxury boutique hotel who sought out the help of ANCHOVY. to help them launch their soon-to-be-opened hotel.

In this case study, we will go through the work we did to achieve the results that we did. As a digital agency, this project was very exciting to work on, and we are thrilled with the results we managed to pull in for our client – including getting over a million impressions all the while the hotel was still under construction.

Introducing Palazzo Violetta: Who They Are & What They Do

Palazzo Violetta is a newly opened boutique hotel in the heart of Sliema in Malta. They operate in the tourism service industry, offering a unique bed and breakfast service.

Their primary target markets are potential visitors from the United Kingdom, Germany & Italy.

They offer a touch of luxury to make your stay in Malta feel that much more special, with very specific services:

  • Bottle service.
  • Wake up calls.
  • Healthy breakfast choices.
  • Chauffeur services.
  • On-site parking facilities.

They also understand that to add that extra touch and make your stay extra special; some clients may require particular unique services – they are more than happy to tailor packages to the needs of their individual clientele.

Why The Client Chose ANCHOVY.

ANCHOVY. is a digital marketing company currently operating in Malta & Dubai, UAE. We were approached by Palazzo Violetta to help them come out with a bang once the hotel was opened.

We were assigned the task of promoting and even secure booking for when this hotel opens up. Of course, with the hotel still not operating, it did bring with it some issues, but we also managed to overcome these by being creative and persistent (more on this later).

The Work ANCHOVY Did For The Client

The project kick-started with ANCHOVY. designing the whole website and shaping the overall look and feel of the brand – bearing in mind not just an aesthetic approach, but also a functional one. User experience was at the heart of the designs – with a focus on driving bookings influencing all aspects of the design.

Marketing across the various platforms was targeted towards a local audience for the launch of the brand, and advertising for bookings was well received by the UK market.

The main challenges faced by ANCHOVY. were integrating the technicalities of the booking engine, and overcoming a lack of imagery – as the marketing initiative had started concurrently to the development of the hotel.

All design elements were left in the hands of ANCHOVY., and we were consulted on the design of doorknobs, invitations and other branding paraphernalia.

We also built the website which would be the hub of all the information that relates to the client’s services. In addition to this, ANCHOVY. also created a Facebook page that would serve as a source of brand awareness where potential clients could learn more about Palazzo Violetta.

To increase bookings ANCHOVY. also launched a Google Search and Display campaign targeting the aforementioned countries. Through smart targeting, ANCHOVY. was able to reach both a local and foreign audience, as was instructed by the client.

In the initial stages, the main challenges faced were with getting images of the hotel. This was especially difficult since the hotel was still being built so the client only had mockups of what the rooms would look like.

On the website, there were also had issues with integrating the booking engine. These challenges were overcome through the patience, hard work and perseverance of the team dedicated to this account.

The Results Achieved By The Client

Through our efforts, the ANCHOVY. digital team not only did managed to hit all the goals initially set by the client but went above it. The following data is what our marketing efforts produced in the initial stages of the campaign

Our Google Adwords Campaign:

  • Clicks 2,500+
  • Impressions: 760,000+

Our Facebook Campaign:

  • Clicks: 3,400+
  • Impressions: 550,000+
  • Total Reach: 429,000+
  • Facebook Page Likes: 2,161

Our Website Stats:

  • 29,000+ Page Views

After the success of this campaign, ANCHOVY. has now been hired by Palazzo Violetta on a retainer to continue driving bookings for the hotel – and to date, a continual grind of daily conversion marketing takes place that involves all aspects of digital media including; SEO, email marketing, Instagram promotion, etc.

Final Thoughts

“It may have taken a while for all parties to get the project going, however, we are now moving at full steam ahead trying to bestow upon Palazzo Violetta the credit it deserves through our marketing”

– Kurt Bugeja, Digital Account Executive

Perfectly summed up by the digital account executive that handled this project, this project wasn’t easy, but we made it through.

It was an amazing experience working with Palazzo Violetta, and we are proud and humbled at the same time that the client put his full trust in what we do, in our experts and in our digital strategies.

For more information about ANCHOVY. along with more case studies, please visit our website and also join us on Facebook and our recently launched Medium publication where we’ll be posting more and more exclusive content in the coming days and weeks.

Thank you for reading.


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