ANCHOVY. were approached by Lufthansa Dubai, following their success with Lufthansa Malta. Similar to Lufthansa Malta, Lufthansa Dubai wanted to increase their email database list and also increase brand awareness since, compared to its competitors in the UAE, Lufthansa has relatively low recognition. This meant that ANCHOVY. had to also educate people about the routes offered by Lufthansa Dubai. This is what we created:

Initial Phases


The first step was understanding the culture in which Lufthansa Dubai was operating. We started by doing market analysis and user identification, understanding our audience to provide a tailored solution to their needs, as well as provide something which would communicate and resonate with them. This involved determining what devices and platforms would ultimately be used, as well as what inspired our creative direction.


We wanted to gamify our solution to make it more approachable and to educate our audience in a fun way. This lead to multiple mobile app solutions which would achieve the results we needed, and also inspired character development to give the app’s personality.

Photobooth app

Initially, we developed an application to get users to share their version of the UAE and also admire and aspire to experience western culture through Lufthansa.

Users who download the app would be able to take travel photos from their phones and then place props and objects in the screen over them – either over themselves, photos of others or even landscapes & landmarks.

Final concept


The final concept which launched was #HOWFARCANYOUFLY, a mobile application in which players learned Lufthansa routes and prices through a travel game. Each player is given 15,000 dirham’s in a fake account on the App, with the objective of traveling from Dubai to as many destinations as possible and return back to Dubai with as little money as possible spent. Players with the most destinations and least money spent Win or Rank First.

We also created different starting points for players – as players could fly from Dubai, Riyadh, Amman, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Kuwait and Dammam. From their chosen starting point players could fly around Europe or the world. The aim of the game was for players to return back to the starting point after visiting as many destinations as possible with as little money as possible. The player who managed this won a free flight.


How Did we Do?

The game served its purpose of educating players about the destination Lufthansa Dubai flies to. Similar to previous campaigns for Lufthansa ANCHOVY. was also successful in increasing Lufthansa Dubai’s email mailing list.


watch the final video

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