MCM is a German luxury – leather goods and clothing brand that is succeeding in making an impact on an international level. Based in the United Arab Emirates, MCM’s operations are managed by ANCHOVY.’s partners in Dubai – the Al-Fahim Avenue Group.

  • Website: MCM UAE
  • Facebook: MCM
  • Instagram: MCMUAE
  • Industry: Fashion Industry
  • Campaign targeting: United Arab Emirates

Al-Fahim were not hitting targets as projected, and so they approached digital marketing agency ANCHOVY. for assistance with managing MCM’s social media campaign and giving in the “ANCHOVY. golden touch”

The objectives of the campaign were clear from the start:

To raise the brand awareness of MCM, (which was a relatively new brand across the United Arab Emirates & Gulf states); while funnelling traffic to the MCM landing page on the official Dubai Mall website.

This was done by creating exclusive social media stories and features all the while working with high-end, luxury fashion media companies to keep MCM’s positioning at the forefront of the Middle Eastern fashion industry.

ANCHOVY.’s Digital Strategy

Throughout the whole process, ANCHOVY. consulted with local fashion experts in Malta to ensure that the best possible content was being communicated and shared throughout the entirety of the digital marketing campaign.

Through the use of Facebook and Instagram, ANCHOVY. were tasked to replicate the look and feel of MCM global – with the main difference of this campaign was targeting specifically local residents within the UAE, an audience geographically local to the Dubai Mall, and a Chinese audience who visit Dubai.

Results of the Campaign

ANCHOVY. continues to achieve brand awareness results for MCM in Dubai, with 7,000+ page likes delivered in just a few short weeks.

Also, strong engagement through Instagram was recorded which is widely used throughout the region with the brand’s content achieving high levels of engagement – showing that the right audiences were being hit with the right messages and image.

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