The Challenge

In 2014, ANCHOVY. were approached by Moran Yachts, an international premium boat dealer, to develop and implement a digital strategy to accomplish two goals:

  1. Develop awareness and knowledge of the brand amongst a younger audience.
  2. Boost baseline sales through increased digital conversions.

Moran Yachts

Moran Yachts is an international brand, with offices located in Fort Lauderdale, Moscow, Newport, the United Kingdom and Monaco. They specialise in yacht sales & charters, yacht construction, management of vessels and coordination of yacht crew for their clients.

They have a strong presence at the annual Palm Beach Boat show, held every March, and rely on this annual key event to showcase their fleet.

The Strategy

The main challenge in marketing this global brand was in creating a visual language that would be appealing to a younger audience. Following an audit of the client’s digital presence, a strategy was put forward – tapping into the right channels to communicate the correct message to the appropriate audience.

The first step in the digital strategy was to rewrite the entire website,, with search engine optimisation in mind; in order to generate a good amount of organic leads.

Social media channels were utilised to disseminate targeted content, with an intent to engage users through appealing visuals linked to desirable values; visuals that would illicit memories and connotations of enjoying lazy days in the sunshine aboard one of these luxury vessels.

Channels that were adopted included:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter

On the other hand, to engage with an audience that was already actively searching for related services, Google and Bing search campaigns were implemented.

To tie the entire campaign together, the Google and Bing Display Network were utilised – both as a brand awareness exercise, to reinforce the messaging through a series of remarketing banners; and to drive conversions and therefore increase lead generation.

Each week, the focal point of the campaign would be on the promotion of a different yacht for charter.

The Results

Through the use of effectively enticing visuals, ANCHOVY. were able to reposition Moran Yachts in the market, to give the brand a fresh, new look – deviating from the more traditional approach that had previously been taken producing connotations of youth and luxury, bringing it into the future.

Through the results of search engine marketing, the campaign also saw a significant increase in online search and visibility.

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