Most people find it difficult to get started in the morning, which is why digital marketing agency ANCHOVY. coined Malta’s first 5 am rave – the Morning Booster. Inspired by a series of parties across Europe and America, the Morning Booster is a healthy way to kick-start your day.

Featuring healthy breakfasts prepared by sponsors such as Dr. Juice and Oh So Yummy, yoga and pole fitness classes, and a pumping rave, all before 8 am – it’s the perfect way to get hyped up before work.

The Morning Booster is so much more than a healthy initiative though – it’s a way for like-minded companies to come together to produce something great. It’s about making connections happen, shaking the status quo and being different – which is at the core ethos of ANCHOVY.

Following the success of the first two editions of the Morning Booster, ANCHOVY., came back, bigger and better than ever before with the third edition – the first for 2017. Set on February 17th, right between Valentine’s day and Carnival, it was only natural for the third Morning Booster to have a theme.

The chosen theme was Alice in Wonderland – a theme that would not only inspire the visual and creative direction for the marketing of the event, but would also feed into the event.

Marketing The Event

Anticipation is half the battle, which is why ANCHOVY. rode off the hype generated by the previous two events. Using footage from the second edition of the Morning Booster, ANCHOVY. drove traffic of 1,373 users to the website to reserve their place at the third event.

This traffic yielded a low bounce rate of just 0.6% – showing that ANCHOVY. tapped into the right audience, people who were already highly interested in the event. For the first time, ANCHOVY. explored a brand-new avenue to market the Morning Booster – radio. Forming a partnership with XFM, the event was heavily marketed in the build up to the day, generating an offline buzz.

Morning Booster 2

The Mechanisms Behind the Marketing

A variety of marketing communications tools were used to build awareness and a presence about the Morning Booster:

  • A strong social media campaign, with visuals focused around the event’s theme. Platforms used: Facebook & Instagram.
  • An email marketing campaign geared towards past attendees – tapping into an already active audience.
  • SMS marketing campaign with reminder messages to people who had signed up for the event.
  • A strong PR & word of mouth campaign, tapping in to social media influencers and key individuals to help spread the word about the Morning Booster.

Our Results

Through the marketing of the Morning Booster, ANCHOVY. were able to achieve the following results:

Morning Booster – Fourth Edition

Ever hustling, ANCHOVY. is already making plans for the fourth edition of the Morning Booster.

And remember to keep an eye on the Morning Booster Facebook page for more information on the next event!

The 3rd Edition Of Morning Booster

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