ANCHOVY. was approached by Nemea bank, a strictly online Pan-European bank to handle all their online marketing, with the aim of building and increasing their customer base by promoting their varied products and services. Here’s how we took an existing brand and elevated them to a new level online:

Beginning Stages


We started by expanding on their existing brand guidelines – not simply to be coherent with the rest of the Nemea brand, but also to move it a step forward. We also wanted to show bright, positive, colourful imagery to accompany the very technological, numeric-heavy text to really portray a sense of trust and positivity.


“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination” – Carl Rogers, Psychologist.

Life is the tightrope, the client is the tightrope walker… Nemea is the balance pole. Directional, passion focused, exhilarating yet composed.


We created a set of guidelines for the campaign to outline specifically and accurately the visual language of the campaign, making every pixel count. We went into various online and print specifications from the get go, so that creating artwork from there was straight forward and carefully planned out.


The first campaign revolved around the tagline ”You Deserve More”; a slight jibe at how physically established banks were treating previous customers and how Nemea Bank would be positioned to rank ahead as a new player in the field; a player that was offering something completely different.

One of our biggest challenges for this campaign was promoting heavily in three different languages, these being:

English, Spanish and French.

We were targeting customers in the UK, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium and France.


We made various print ads to make the campaign more holistic, keeping a minimal touch to stand out from the clutter. Despite being an online, exclusive bank, we still wanted to assert the luxury feel of the brand; whilst also reaching  a different audience through printed advertising.

Landing Page

Different custom landing pages were built to try and capture more conversions. Several kinds of software were installed on the various landing pages in order to record user behaviour and gather additional user data. This data would then be transferred into a data warehouse, where our data analysts would extract different patterns of user data that made online advertising on Google and Facebook more specific.

The Revolution


Months into our initial campaign, we wanted to move the users which we had already engaged with deeper down the funnel by teasing them with an anticipation tagline. “The Revolution is Coming” was the second tagline in the series, where our ultimate aim was to increase the engagement rate.

the power of branding


The biggest signal to this change was done visually. This was partially done to avoid ad fatigue, and we refreshed the artwork by building on our previous foundations which made it stand out for our users.


We wanted to raise brand awareness amongst people who had an affinity to the financial industry, and to get them intrigued to get to know more about Nemea Bank. Our display banners used for the campaign had the perfect balance of ambiguous text and interesting signals, to appeal to our users.


Based on the previous data elements that we had collected, we prototyped the second version of the website; with key learnings being implemented into the design of the website.

Summer Campaign


We started by expanding on their existing guidelines to be coherent with the rest of the Nemea brand, but also to move it a step forward. We also wanted to show bright, positive, and colourful imagery to accompany the very technologically-oriented and numeric based text to really portray a sense of trust and positivity.



The ads were a way of introducing new customers to the Nemea brand, showing a sense of care and detail, as well as the attractive competitive rates. We created a whole range of these; going into animation in most cases, featuring on social media and Google.

A Modern take on Classic Sensibility.

Nemea is a modern Bank, with a modern service/product. This usually brings with it young ideologies and technological connotations. We felt that Nemea also adds a sophisticated flair through their brand presence, and this should be evident in the imagery chosen to portray the brand. We could do this by showing how ‘Nemeans’ have a more refined lifestyle, and meticulously choose their products and services to get the best out of everything. It shows patience, maturity, and sophistication. It also shows that you do not have to be a tech savvy person to choose such a bank.

This notion of classical sensibility and refined taste could also be emulated through the environment, which altogether create this interesting contrast between the modern online banking, and the classical surroundings, style, fashion, etc.

We could take this a step further by even using more traditional media, such as a film camera, rather than the ubiquitous digital, to add more character and authenticity. This would also make an interesting ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘making of’ showreel, showing all the extra attention to detail which went into the campaign.

Graphical additions

For the lifestyle campaign, we wanted to introduce subtle additional touches to compliment the concept, as well as hint at more of a refined, sophisticated look, with inspirations from baroque and classical imagery. This further builds on the established essentials already outlined in previous pages, so that it all still looks coherent and within the lines of the brand.

Initial tests

“With you everywhere” is more than just being with you in various locations, it is also movement – it’s about banking on the go. This concept moves away from the traditional posed photographs to give an extra element of realism – to further connect the audience with the situation.


We have also experimented with more abstract renditions of these concepts, merging various stages of motion to show fluidity, a modern fast paced lifestyle, and overall creating a more interesting, dynamic image.


We first went black & white, with the understanding that it gives more of the traditional feel we are going for. This would give more contrast to the technologic & clean style, resulting in a more timeless, robust finish.

We then went for a very slight colouring, just to remove the flatness brought about by the black and white, but still, have a very black & white feel. The addition of colour also lends itself well for text and logo placement above the image.

With You, Everywhere.

This lead us to do a full photo shoot, where we coordinated and directed the shoot for the campaign “With you, everywhere.”

Nemea is an online bank, specialising in banking through mobile app usage and their website, meaning that the customer can bank wherever and whenever they like. It is important to showcase this situational banking, to put potential clients in the picture of what it is like to bank with Nemea. It shows that it is easy, and it can become an integral part of your lifestyle without sacrificing other aspects of it, which you would rather be doing. Anyone is a potential Nemea client, but to try and portray such a variety of different people, groups or cultures in the imagery did not make sense; it would have either resulted in generic, lifeless, characterless imagery; or lack cohesiveness with the shear variety of differences. It makes much more sense to portray the ideal ‘Nemean’, because this entices people to buy into the culture, and it defines what and who the brand represents.


The adverts which we utilised for this campaign were a balance of beautiful warm imagery, which sparked an emotional connection; as well as cold features which prompted users to take an action; whilst simultaneously showcasing numerical figures on adverts that sparked users to convert on our landing pages.

Through the use of coding, our Google Display Network banners were connected to a real live data feed, where the numbers were updating themselves automatically as these would fluctuate based on market trends. These banners were designed to convert users to customers.

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