A new approach

With four outlets across Malta, New York Best continues to grow, and grow fast. Having evaluated the company’s social media presence in parallel with their growth, we felt that the website needed to also come up to speed with a full revamp. Here’s what we did:

Initial Phases


The website went from a .com.mt to a .com URL to provide a cleaner look for users to more easily find the website.


In terms of imagery, we wanted to make use of the images already existing on their social media pages, so that we could involve the community as part of the project. For larger images such as banners and other pieces, we needed to go on site and take some larger format photography which gave it a good mix between clean and raw.

Design development

Known for being keen on tattoos across the outlets and employees, the client had recently re-branded their packaging across the outlets with tattoo style artwork more representative of the company’s culture. We felt this raw look should be reflected online with a new website fit for New York Best’s online home.

To really get an authentic tattoo look, we brought in an illustrator to draw the sketches that can be found on the website. They were all hand drawn and then transferred in their raw state – with the only digital input being the colourisation of the sketches.


New pages

The website needed new pages that did not feature before, but with the expansion of pages, the website was kept simple and easy to navigate. The colours were taken from the New York Best brand and images were all taken from the outlets using images of the outlets, employees, customers and food to encompass what New York Best is all about.

Culture Page

The culture page on the website needed to be well thought through, especially since it fed into recruitment; as this was one of the main challenges the client was facing at the time. The website needed to help drive interest in working for New York Best, as well as making the process of applying itself emblematic of the company’s culture.

Join the Squad

To do this we created the ‘Join the Squad’ page, which took users through the process of applying at New York Best. We wanted to make it simple and easy, but we also wanted to emulate the sense of joining a close knit team. Perks were outlined straight away, encouraging users to find out more about what New York Best can offer. In addition, a short survey was created to give users an idea of what New York Best is looking for, and to give the client an idea of the people who were enquiring, to see if they would fit in with the company’s culture.

The Result

You can view the full website here

We helped increase revenue by 400%, and the squad – as the New York Best team is called – went from 3 employees to 60, spread across the different outlets.

We are very proud to have been a part of this journey with New York Best and we look forward to continue growing with them side-by-side.

In this video, you can hear what Tommy Diacono, founder of New York Best, has to say about this incredible journey and what the future holds for New York Best.

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