One of Malta’s most well-known and established brands, Charles Grech, approached digital marketing agency ANCHOVY. to build a brand identity for their new beach club, which they called Pearl Beach.

The concept for Pearl Beach was to create a beach club which would bring luxury poolside. From the service to the location, Pearl Beach make its customers feel as though they’re part of an exclusive beach club where all their needs are attended to. The identity that ANCHOVY. would develop would have to reflect this.

Challenge one: building the identity

Through their network, the ANCHOVY. team were able to contact the interior designer of the beach club, to ensure that colour schemes used for social media would reflect the colour schemes to be used on site.

Visuals were picked to connote an idea of ultra-luxury, creating the idea that Pearl Beach is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – using phrases such as “Studying hard? Paradise is waiting for you.”, “Quality in every detail, making your weekends as unforgettable as possible.” and “What better way to spend a Monday.”

Challenge two: telling the story

ANCHOVY. was contracted by Charles Grech in the middle of May to do the social media marketing for Pearl Beach – three weeks ahead of the launch of the beach club. This posed a problem – there would be no content of the actual venue until several weeks after marketing would kick in.

Locating appropriate stock imagery, that connoted the right ideas of luxury and elegance, without looking blatantly fake, was no easy task. A lot of time and effort was invested in the search for just the right kind of image to communicate the right feeling.

In the weeks leading to the opening of the venue, a hype was built around the place – targeting the right audience, built off other Charles Grech audiences – to drive people in throngs to the beach club once it opened on June 3.

Post launch content development

Following the launch, the story would change – posts would be less abstract and focus more on the beach club, the services it offered, and the items sold in the boutique.

ANCHOVY. staff spent half a day on site, generating close to 800 photos in order to ensure a good stock of imagery was obtained. These photos were then used in the launch of an Instagram account to further the promotion of the beach club, through a strong hashtag strategy.

The Results

The results of the social media marketing speak for themselves, with Pearl Beach having an astounding launch party on June 10, heavily attended by the right audience and some of Malta’s most influential guests.

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