Win Your Supercar

Win Your Supercar was an innovation, developed to fill a gap in the gambling/lottery industry; developed to bridge the concept of digital lotteries with car fanatics.

The concept was simple: enter a lottery, pay a small amount to enter, and you could stand the chance to win your dream car – inclusive of servicing, tyre repair and tax for the first three years.

This was a fantastic opportunity for car fanatics who would dream of owning ultra-luxurious cars, but would never be able to afford the car themselves – but everyone could afford to buy a ticket to the lottery.

The founders of Win Your Supercar approached ANCHOVY. to develop and implement a complete digital marketing strategy.

The process began with the development of three personas, based on a series of market research. Core values were identified and an audience was built, identifying the following profiles:

  • Gamblers who would purchase a ticket for the thrill of the gamble, irrelevant of the prize.
  • An audience of people who were rich and could afford to buy the supercar on their own, but who would enter the draw for the sake of owning their own supercar.
  • People who were not, inherently, gamblers – but who would potentially take part in the lottery for the possibility of winning their dream car.

The Challenge

Once market research was concluded, an audience was developed and core values had been identified, the main challenge became selling tickets.

The business model for Win Your Supercar was extremely risky – the owners would be placed in the compromising position of having to give away a supercar, irrelevant of sales generated through the marketing efforts.

Bearing this in mind, ANCHOVY. dove into the challenge head on. The first, and most essential stage, was developing the entire flow of the user experience that someone would go through in the campaign – from identifying and understanding the consumer’s decision making process to designing their flow down the sales funnel.

All marketing was directed to the website, which had been optimised with the user experience in mind, to convince the consumer to take part in the competition.

An essential element to reaching out to the right audience, was through the use of affiliate marketing. Sales were generated by tapping in to third party websites and having them drive traffic to the website. Affiliate influencer marketing was also tapped into, by approaching YouTubers and bloggers with a high following, to direct traffic to the website.

Optimisation is Key

The key to the success for the marketing of this client was to continually optimise – following months of monitoring, data collection and constant analysis, an audience was developed that would generate a good enough return on investment that would ensure the continued success of the website.

This audience was built on a series of A/B testing, audience sampling, and understanding the ideal locations globally to target based on legal limitations.

The development of this audience was essential for the marketing, where ANCHOVY. capitalised on a high customer retention through the use of email marketing, digital remarketing and SMS marketing. The tactic adopted was to connect the dots with people who had previously engaged with the campaign, having visited the website.

Three opportunities for this customer retention were identified, and messages were developed for each audience:

  • People who visited the website and did not follow through the sales funnel.
  • An audience of people who visited the website but only engaged in the decision to purchase once.
  • Repeat visitors to the website, who would buy tickets on multiple occasions.

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