Reinventing Clubbing in Malta

One of Malta’s most well known night club venues, Numero Uno, approached ANCHOVY. in 2016 to launch a new brand. The old venue would be refurbished and given a fresh look and they required the help of ANCHOVY. to develop a new brand identity – and a subsequent marketing strategy – to complement the new look.

The new brand identity was needed to help to create a buzz and attract an international audience of clubbers to the venue for the coming summer – and for years to come.

A brand new identity was needed that would set the right tone of voice and pull in the right crowd to confirm the message that the client wanted to connote: that (what would become) Uno Village is the place to go to for the best clubbing experience in Malta.

Numero Uno was already a well established brand in the clubbing scene in Malta – being a hot spot for clubbers for over a decade. The move to develop a new brand identity was well thought out, to move away from the old connotations of the brand and to focus on a new, fresh image.

The first challenge presented to ANCHOVY. was to develop a visual look and feel for the brand – to come up with a new name whilst still retaining the iconic word “Uno” – a word that already had strong connotations of clubbing in Malta.

The result was the birth of Uno Malta – or “Uno Village” as it would come to be known for festivals and larger events. Once a name was chosen, a whole new brand identity was developed – with many iterations of logos, colours and fonts being developed before the now iconic Uno symbol was chosen.

Digital Marketing

Developing the Website

Once the new brand identity was developed, the visual language was extended to the next step in the marketing process: the development of a fully functional website.

The website was built to serve a whole host of functions, including:

  • Hosting a map of the complex, animated to highlight the different clubs within the venue.
  • Promotion of upcoming events at Uno Village.
  • A subscription function to collect data about interested people – thereby building an engaged audience.

Above all, in addition to being a means for promotion to their direct audience, the website would also be used to sell the club internationally – to connect with organisers of large-scale international events and festivals.

The website therefore had to be built in such a way that it would provide engaging, and enticing content to potential party-goers, as well as an informative and professional image to prospective B2B clientele.

Social Media Marketing

The final piece of the puzzle to unite the whole project was the development of a social media marketing strategy.

The aim of the social media marketing campaign was initially to raise awareness of the newly developed brand and website. This campaign would take on a fresh route to attract potential clubbers to the scene, using a mixture of cheeky and intriguing content to encourage people to connect with the page.

Messaging was targeted at individuals interested in music, clubbing and nightlife – and content was designed to reflect these core values.

Once launched and summer kicked off, the campaign strategy was altered. Rather than focusing the messaging around the development and launch of the new brand, weekly campaigns were developed to highlight upcoming events.

Due to the fast-paced nature of the industry, and the high amount of competition for clubbing in Malta in the summer months, this campaign could not be pre-planned on a rolling basis month to month.

Rather, through an open communication with the client, the weekly needs were analysed and communicated to the correct target audience – because a heavy, house party would attract a very different crowd to an international DJ.

The key to the success of this campaign was a close tie with the client and a deep understanding of their marketing needs.

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