A Nationwide Promotion

Visa is a world renown financial-solution provider operating in the finance and banking industries. They offer a number of payment solutions – with their aim being to bring speed, security and simplicity to consumers, retailers, banks, and governments.

They are one of the world’s industry leaders, and so have a very varied and diverse target market. For the purpose of this campaign, the client chose to target specifically Maltese people with Visa-branded debit or credit cards – targeting to an already established client base – to encourage transactions via these cards as opposed to cash, cheque or competitor’s cards.

The client is a representative of the main brand in Malta, with the main client being www.visaeurope.com

The campaign they approached ANCHOVY. to carry out was part of a nationwide promotion on behalf of Visa for the Rio Olympics in 2016 – where Visa is one of the main sponsors. The end prize of this campaign was a trip to the Olympic Games.

Following ANCHOVY.’s past projects and the already established relationship with the customer, the client entrusted ANCHOVY. with such an important campaign. This was a direct impact of the trust built with the client, resulting in the massive success of ANCHOVY. launching Visa’s first Instagram campaign globally.


The key to the success of Charlene’s Honeymoon Challenge was in indirectly collecting the information required, through a two fold approach.

Participants in the challenge were required to submit the required information in order to take part. If they were not gaining enough points in the game, they were encouraged to invite people to participate to gain more points – thereby collecting even more emails and fortifying the campaign.

By engaging with their audience, ANCHOVY. ensured that they were building a database of people who were intrinsically interested in the product – meaning future marketing efforts directed towards the consumer would be well received.

  • 3 Million impressions via Google Display
  • 39,000 people reached via Instagram
  • 200,000 people reached via Facebook

The Work

In order to help the client achieve their goals, ANCHOVY. was constantly suggesting new solutions, communicating with their target audience and pushing hard for brand awareness on Facebook, Instagram and Google Display, in order to reach the maximum amount of people possible across all media.

ANCHOVY. were successful in reaching the right target audience – namely a large, Maltese audience with access to a Visa branded card.

The Results Of Campaigns

This was the first campaign of its kind for the client, with such a heavy focus on Instagram, as this was not a platform that the client believed viable for their marketing needs – feeling as though their target market was not on this platform, and that messaging that could be communicated would not be appropriate. Through the creation of engaging content and smart targeting, ANCHOVY. was able to deliver the results on the medium.

It is important to note, that this was the first campaign on Instagram, undertaken by Visa, in ANY country.

3,000,000 Impressions via Google Display
39,000 People reached via Instagram
200,000 People reached via Facebook

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