We’re back
with Season 2

Malta has a lot of stories to share, and our guests are the voices of this island. Listen to what they have to say on our podcast.

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Podcast with Benji Borg

Sharing is part of ANCHOVY.’s DNA, that’s why we are proud to be going live with our exclusive podcasts sessions. No matter the place or time of day, find a moment to listen to these rich exchanges we want you to be part of. Guided by Benji Borg, head of our innovative marketing agency, here is your chance to learn more about successful Maltese personalities. Malta has a lot of stories to share, and our guests are the voices of this island.

We’re back with Season 2!
Don’t miss an episode.

S2E6: Giampaolo Grossi – How the General Manager of Starbucks Milan is responding to COVID-19

S2E5: David Valenzia PwC – The mind boggling evolution of business

S2E4: Tamara Webb – Influencer Marketing: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

S2E3: Luke Vella – Is the customer always right?

S2E2: Pat Vella – 5 star customer experience: What it takes to stand out

S2E1: Dr Gonzi – From running a business to serving the state: Correlations and differences

S2 E0: Introduction

S1 E8: The social responsibility of architecture w/Mark Pace (Designer), Tom Van Malderen (AP) & Sandro Valentino (Valentino Architects)

S1 E7: Conversation with an Anthropologist w/ Jay Zinga

S1 E6: Talking Alternative Financing Channels w/ Chris Mallia (Main Street) & Stephanie Galea & Cliff Pace (Malta Stock Exchange)

S1 E5: How social media can help spread the message of equality? w/ Gabi Calleja & Nadine Noko (MGRM) & Russell Sammut (ARC)

S1 E4: How to scale up a business? w/ Dean Gera

S1 E3: The Power of Building a Brand w/ Alan Paris (MPS)

S1 E2: We’re discussing the difference between recruitment and talent acquisition with Marie Louise Theobald from GO, Benji Borg and Matthew Camilleri (Castille)

S1 E1: How is traffic in Malta affecting your business? w/Matthew Bezzina (eCABS) & Seb Ripard (Fetch it) & Michael Debono (Wotomoto)